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    Coding Low fire Resource pack

    Ever tired of your screen covered by fire? Heres a resource pack that can lower it! Looks good? Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/da1oyqys4j31ktd/Low_fire.zip/file
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    A blockwars guide by hackcr

    Ok so first you might need to reserve 1600 points for this guide to work 1. buy bomber 2. buy ninja(skip these two step if you have it) 3. Start a game(LAME) 4. use bomber 5. blow up a large hole at the enemy's base 6. pick up blocks since tnts drops blocks 7. take the flag(go to step 8) or die...
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    Java Remove a kit from pvp duels

    Boom! Explosive bows isn't really necsesary(bad english) needed because vanilla minecraft don't have explosive arrows enchant. Such that this should be removed.
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    All Networks New mode for pvp duels

    All i wanted to do is to kb people into the void! Repeat!*3 Yeah don't jugde me, i like to knock players into the void! (do the whole thing again!) which means 1.9 sumo pvp!! how to play: knock people into the void to win! (No other way, no fist to win except this) Arenas: arenas should be...
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    Escalated Rejoin!!

    Poof, my internet crashed. 1 hour later.... Poof, my internet crashed 30 minutes later.... Poof, my internet crashed (etc. you know what im furstrated?) There should be a rejoin function because of this.
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    Blockwars should have regeneration after kill

    Ok so skywars have golden apples, also about eggwars. But in blockwars there is no golden apples! Cleaning is the thing keeps me tied. You should add a mechanism that you can do this: Kill: +1.5 hearts Assist: +0.5 hearts So that cleaning is morehard and make the game faster and even less than...
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    Implemented Skywars auto select Kits

    How about adding a file for skywars which stores your kit data and makes you don't need to select your kit everytime you join a game?
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