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  1. Expectational

    Java Make the parkour teleport a bit more lenient

    Hey there, So this is a general frustration that I have when I just try to play parkour on Cubecraft. The maps are great and all, but teleportation on a lot of the maps can be really annoying (it teleports you where you haven't necessarily fallen off). Here are some examples: If you jump onto...
  2. Expectational

    Server Lag

    Hi there, I was wondering if the server upgrades are done, because it seems that the lag on 1.8 FFA is even worse than it was a few weeks ago now. It's completely unbearable to play. When will this issue be fixed? I am posting this here as no one seems to answer in Discord. Thanks, Zak.
  3. Expectational

    Java Not enough EggWars servers

    Hi there, It's starting to become an annoying occurrence that there are not enough EggWars 1.8 3v3 maps available as shown here: https://zak.pink/19-07-08-50-36_1474.mp4. It's been like this for at least 10 minutes so it's frustrating that I have to take my party of 3 into a 4v4 map. It would...
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