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  1. Nash The Basher

    Bedrock BlockWars Best Giga Mode

    I like all the modes, but I feel as though Core is the best gamemode. It’s very well-made and the gamemode properly suits the 50 player count. I love playing it, whether I’m solo or in a party.
  2. Nash The Basher


  3. Nash The Basher

    Bedrock Dear Cubecraft,

    5v5 is being removed for a good reason. CubeCraft has worked tirelessly on this update and the implementation of 10v10 will benefit every type of player on the server. Sometimes, you have to let things go to enjoy better content. I'm very excited to see the update and the amazing changes...
  4. Nash The Basher

    Hyped for the Blockwars update!

    Hyped for the Blockwars update!
  5. Nash The Basher

    SkyWars Cubecraft

    Super Cool! Keep up the good work!
  6. Nash The Basher

    The 2019 NBA Toronto Raptors Championship Roster

    nash please wake up you have been in a coma for 4 years all your friends and family are waiting with you please come back to us
  7. Nash The Basher

    The 2019 NBA Toronto Raptors Championship Roster

    No. Player Pos Ht Wt Birth Date Exp College 3 OG Anunoby SF 6-7 232 July 17, 1997 gb 1 Indiana 25 Chris Boucher PF 6-9 200 January 11, 1993 lc 1 Oregon 4 Lorenzo Brown PG 6-5 189 August 26, 1990 us...
  8. Nash The Basher

    Bedrock Are any Cubecraft Bedrock tournaments coming? Or has it ever been any?

    They've done Eggwars since their release and there are rumours about them possibly starting CTF soon.
  9. Nash The Basher

    Bedrock Are any Cubecraft Bedrock tournaments coming? Or has it ever been any?

    The latest Azure season just ended and they have a somewhat active community of good players. You can join the Discord server at .gg/dabiggestbird and practice scrims are hosted there everyday. Idk why Java forum nerds are coming here trying to say there aren’t any bedrock tournaments going on...
  10. Nash The Basher

    Count to 1,000,000

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  12. Nash The Basher


    Bro’s dead in game and irl now, they made the statue out of ghost blocks for a reason.
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  14. Nash The Basher

    Duels Dropping during PvP

    Get good
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  16. Nash The Basher

    people who is attack from beginning just to broke the egg are annoying

    Yk it’s a joke when it’s coming from the former to2 eggwars duos any% wr holder Btw come back to cvc Saf, everyone misses you :(
  17. Nash The Basher

    Bring Back This Suggestion

    This suggestion won’t die on my watch.
  18. Nash The Basher

    Bring Back This Suggestion

    https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/require-all-modderlaters-to-own-an-air-fryer.303640/ was moved out of the Feedback & Suggestions tab to prevent it from getting forwarded (30 agrees). I propose the thread should be moved back allowing us to require all moderators to own an air fryer.
  19. Nash The Basher

    Fix cubecraft kb

    Crits and fall damage are their own separate problems that I could make a whole thread on but I think these things should also be looked at. There also wasn’t any announcement/change log on the recent kb nerf meaning the Cubecraft developers might not even be aware of the problem.
  20. Nash The Basher

    Fix cubecraft kb

    Honestly it isn’t just the vertical kb, it’s also the horizontal kb. This makes the combat worse and it’s now almost impossible to void people if they know how to clutch.
  21. Nash The Basher

    Bedrock Community's Peace!

    Ayo let’s get some forum wannabes in here @Dualninja @Conea64 funny halal gaming false report jajaja.
  22. Nash The Basher

    BlockWars changing inventory order

    You’re necroposting which is against the rules. Next time please don’t respond to really old threads, a moderator is probably gonna say this as well but GG!
  23. Nash The Basher

    Bedrock Community's Peace!

    Not true at all, I don’t think this would apply but you can file something known as a “player safety report” for things done outside the server. I don’t think you could do it for something like this but the claim that Cubecraft has 0 power outside their server is incorrect. They DO punish...
  24. Nash The Basher

    Video How to fix eggwars bug (shorts)

    Nice short Salty, it explains a good workaround for the top ghosting during block-ins.
  25. Nash The Basher

    ily Andy socks on

    ily Andy socks on
  26. Nash The Basher

    Implemented Re-enable support for pre 1.16.201

    Love how the only disagrees are from staff and Java players.
  27. Nash The Basher


    It was great knowing you, gl with whatever adventure you’re setting off on next!
  28. Nash The Basher

    Bedrock Why is there a difference in the amount of teams in quads?

    Hey I’m not gonna complain, less teams = faster games
  29. Nash The Basher

    uwu meow rawr xd

    uwu meow rawr xd
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