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  1. O1t24277

    All Networks New featured items

    Skywars featured items which are only obtainable from middle chests.
  2. O1t24277

    Bedrock fix the death glitch

    This have been fixed I think.
  3. O1t24277

    All Networks Skyblock more interactive

    Cubecraft's skyblock is meant to be simple. I think 10k-15k players used to play it at release but now only > 2k players play it as it has been not updated since ages. So yeah they should do it. And for the interaction part there is a server on BEDROCK like it but idk if I will get forum banned...
  4. O1t24277

    Bedrock Make emerald enchants team upgrades

    I disagree because if the upgrades are for the whole team then it gives a feel like bedwars + emeralds will lose its value. Eg- if one person get prot 2 with 5 ems and whole team get it then only 5 ems are used whereas if it's only for individual player then it's emeralds required will be...
  5. O1t24277

    Bedrock Make the generators more faster. It is kindly slow.

    They are very fast now. Players just get a diamond armour if I even rush with 32 iron
  6. O1t24277

    Bedrock The issue with Eggwars Season 2

    I myself reported so many bugs most of them were fixed some didn't because the devs need more time to fix them, also they have delayed this update so much that they had to release it so because of this other updates don't get delayed. Now even more bugs have been fixed.
  7. O1t24277

    All Networks Add Blocks to survival games

    Wouldn't it become a voidless skywars game/map then?
  8. O1t24277

    Bedrock The issue with Eggwars Season 2

    Yes it was available for all the players.
  9. O1t24277

    Bedrock Add water buckets to use riptide on eggwars

    Better option could be to add weather voting option just like skywars have day and sunset time
  10. O1t24277

    Bedrock The issue with Eggwars Season 2

    They did had a seperate beta server for testing the 1.19 update. I was called the staging network.
  11. O1t24277

    Bedrock Rejoin Command - Bedrock

    I made a post on this already a long time ago and seeing the dead glitch, and map rendering glitch I think this is the best time to implement it, also it is necessary because sometimes Minecraft just decides to crash.
  12. O1t24277

    Bedrock Crossbow is slow.Can you make it faster?

    Crossbows are meant to be loaded and stored, you can't load multiple crossbows and keep them which makes them op, if it still feels slow try to find a quick charge 2-3 enchanted crossbow :D
  13. O1t24277

    All Networks Friendlist Removing

    That's so unnecessary tbh, because If you want to add them/accept their request you can just right click on them and click on add, it will automatically send/accept the request. And if you want to remove ur friends u can either remove them from through ur friend list or command, in case you feel...
  14. O1t24277

    All Networks Friendlist Removing

    So what he means is to add a multi-select option, to accept/remove friends instead of doing them 1 by 1.
  15. O1t24277

    Bedrock My suggestion is birthday map return again its so fun and cool

    I think the map can be selected in private games.
  16. O1t24277

    All Networks Suggestion About /fsmg

    You are in different servers so its not possible
  17. O1t24277

    All Networks Friendlist Removing

    Wdym? Delete all friends?
  18. O1t24277

    All Networks Changes to new lucky block types

    You always take a good time to make these posts.
  19. O1t24277

    Bedrock I Miss The Axe

    I'm not sure if they removed axes, but if they did they should give atleast 1 axe in the island chests because it's very difficult to loot chests fast on mobile, and by the time you get your chests nearby team comes to island and kills us
  20. O1t24277

    Bedrock Respawning with your exact pickaxe in eggwars has to be reworked

    This gives a feel of bedwars and I don't think it can be implemented, thou as someone said above of nerfing them with the kit cooldown like thing, that could be done to prevent this from happening. Also my idea is to add efficiency to higher level pickaxe such as diamond pick and netherite pick...
  21. O1t24277

    Count to 1,000,000

    It posted 2 time automatically
  22. O1t24277

    Count to 1,000,000

  23. O1t24277

    Count to 1,000,000

  24. O1t24277

    All Networks Changes to new lucky block types

    On bedrock I never got anything except the egg break msg one time when the open bets started and I thought it was a bug where I got the egg break msg from a random eggwars game.
  25. O1t24277

    Count to 1,000,000

  26. O1t24277

    Bedrock Higher Kill Assist Should Count As Kills

    I agree that assists should have a use but getting kills from them is not the solution
  27. O1t24277

    Bedrock Higher Kill Assist Should Count As Kills

    You will not be able to report this stuff because what I will do is hit all the players once and tell my friend who is good at pvp to get the kill and we both get the kill
  28. O1t24277

    Bedrock Higher Kill Assist Should Count As Kills

    It's easy to exploit it then by getting a player in party and both of them kill the same person everytime and farm kills I think if the assists are converted in a new stuff namely "CubeCoins" like if you get 72% assist you get 7 CubeCoins for that and add some mysteryboxes or loot to be able to...
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