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  1. BuriitoS

    Friend list should be fixed

    Before you start reading this thread, this is not a suggestion about "ability to spectate" friends or, "show lobby number" feature. This is a suggestion to fix the grammar in the friend list. Imagine having friends of yours online in one of the following lobbies...
  2. BuriitoS

    Just a Small Eggwars Suggestion

    Hello, After the new eggwars update, the animated image on the diamond generator displays that the gen can be upgraded to level 4, which is impossible. I'am not asking for the capability to upgrade the gen to a level 4, because it will promote camping. just fixing them so that they don't show...
  3. BuriitoS

    Infection- Suggestions

    Hello, In my opinion Infection is way better than TNT trouble, although I believe that there must be some changes to it. Disable Hunger: It is very annoying, especially when melon is your only food source ( unless you find some mobs) Unbreakable tools: Self explanatory Tools to be upgraded...
  4. BuriitoS

    Things I want to be changed/added in TNT trouble

    No doubt, TNT trouble is a cool and fun game to play;however, it needs a lot of work. First of all, Fall Damage This thing needs to be removed, it is annoying when you jump to the islands and you lose a lot of hearts. Another reason to change is the regen system, you don't regen that fast (...
  5. BuriitoS

    Make hiding underneath islands impossible

    Hi there, I know a lot of people, who play eggwars, suffer from guys who hide underneath the map with a pickaxe. It is hard to get them without getting spleefed. It is even harder when they incase themselves with obsidian. The best solutions is to prevent them from building downwards.
  6. BuriitoS

    Got Unfairly banned

    Hello Cubecrafters, So, today I was playing a game of eggwars with a youtuber , I was lagging so hard , suddenly , I got banned by sentinel doing nothing I was not fighting with anybody , bridging ,or anything I was just sprinting. I think I got unfairly banned because 1.) As I said, I was not...
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