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  1. ItzDelano

    Creative Plots

    Maybe edit some commands. Like /plot tp ItzDelano 1 for the first plot, and /plot tp ItzDelano 2 if you have 2 plots, and so on. Also, /creative plot1 spawn set to set the spawn for the first plot.. you know what i mean. It's a lot easier. And why can't the plot owners build on their plots...
  2. ItzDelano


    I'm back after some months! Why did you come back -.- Because it is 1.8 now :) Lol only because of that? Yup. That's right. I will be playing much SkyWars and some EggWars! Which lobby i fna Always lobby 1 :) @TheJeroen @hgbf @Anmazing
  3. ItzDelano

    Quitting Cubecraft.

    Sadly i'm quitting CubeCraft. Why? Because it's not fun to play anymore. I play much more *other big server not Mineplex i hate that server* now, and i have MVP. Feel free to send me a friend request! In CubeCraft everything is in maintenance, it's only 1.9, there are too many bugs.. and 10000+...
  4. ItzDelano

    I'm mad.

    Hello people from the forums, today i want to talk about things on Cubecraft that i really HATE. (Ragequitting every time). PvP. I'm not the best, i mean that @xMegaCoolx or @Moooofin could easily kill me, but i know some strats. But why.. why.. every time i play 1v1 1.8 NOBODY GETS A COMBO?! I...
  5. ItzDelano

    Video [NL/BE] Lucky Islands #10 - Delano is noob!

    Jongens vandaag maak ik een video met een jongen uit mijn klas; Bart. En er is nog een speciale gast.. @Danique11 , mijn bae :D Enjoy!
  6. ItzDelano

    To Remember OrangeGE and AquaaXx(Admin/SrMod)

    I just found this in the Blockwars lobby. We will never forget you! @OrangeGE @AquaaXx
  7. ItzDelano

    Video [NL/BE] Control Point met grappige edits!

    Vandaag gaan we Control Point doen! @xMegaCoolx @Roebahn @HelloItsMeGijs @DontYouDare @AdventureeTree @TheJeroenGames
  8. ItzDelano

    Me, Myself & I

    Just sing the lyrics I'll start Woohoo it's just me, myself & i
  9. ItzDelano

    Artwork YouTube Banner

    I'm wondering if someone could make a YouTube banner for me! My channel: bit.ly/1W1hves
  10. ItzDelano

    Video [English] Talking English #1

    Sorry for Hypixel, our 1.9 Minecraft was a little bit glitchy.
  11. ItzDelano

    Listen to these wise words [NL/Dutch]

    At 3:38
  12. ItzDelano


    @TeovoTeovo can you beat me? ;) Still sucking but getting better every day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. ItzDelano


    A /warn command. Yes, you can just type it in chat, but i'm muted and i want to warn someone but i can't. Anti-Abuse: When you do /warn a chest gui will pop up and you can choose what he is doing. You can choose: Advertising YouTuber/Twitch links, Swearing, Spamming, Camping, Impersonating staff...
  14. ItzDelano


    For some reason if YouTubers break the rules "it will be handled soon" we reported EnzoKnol like 10000 times and stop saying "soon". Everything is coming "soon": - Abilities for e.g. EggWars, Money Walls, Lucky Islands.. - Factions - Skyblock - Creative - UHC - Parkour - Custom Shields - More...
  15. ItzDelano

    Video Derpen met Bart... [NL]

    Vandaag gaan we lekker derpen..
  16. ItzDelano

    Q&A Questions

    So i'm doing a Q&A on my channel and i need questions. Link to my channel is in my signature :P
  17. ItzDelano

    Problably quitting CCGN for a few weeks

    I'm really mad because of the bugs, glitches, lagg (not always laggy), hackers and campers. People are camping and just shooting at you while building. In the video of @BenGewoonMike you'll understand what i mean. (Link: ) Too many hackers, staff doing nothing. I didn't see @ThijsBeertje for...
  18. ItzDelano

    Account of my friend got hacked.

    Hello, so a friend of me (ImChappie) got hacked and now he is on his 2nd account (ImChappie_AK) but he has a Emerald rank on ImChappie and he asked me to say this. He wants his Emerald rank on ImChappie_AK because the hacker of ImChappie plays on his account.
  19. ItzDelano

    Ideas for minigames on my server. (Not advertising)

    First of all, i'm not gonna say the IP of my server. Do you have an idea for a original minigame on my server?
  20. ItzDelano

    300 messages!

    This is the thread where i get 300 messages! So i wanted to do a Forum Game. Say if you like the profile picture of the one that posted a message above you!
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