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  1. Efcluke94

    Builds Marketplace Highlight - Beehive 🐝

    🍯 Beehive 🐝 Hey CubeCrafters, my name is Luke and I've been at CubeCraft 7 years now, I joined around September 2013! I've worked on an awful lot of projects since then, been through all the ups and downs of CubeCraft, and this is one project which was a huge up for me personally. I'm here to...
  2. Efcluke94

    Map Submissions & Design Team recap

    Hello 👋 The past 2 and a half months have been a busy one wow :shrekooh: The epic builders out there may be wondering, why is nobody replying my map submissions!??! :confusedcat: To be fully transparent, processing these submissions can be time consuming. Currently we don't want to release...
  3. Efcluke94

    Bedrock New games?!?

    Not long left!
  4. Efcluke94

    Bedrock TOP SECRET design - pls no leak

    Props to @Yoya and @Story for making some quality art - don't leak outside of forums till we release, okay community?
  5. Efcluke94

    Huge Map Update!

    Huge Map Update - 7 NEW MAPS! Hello CubeCrafters! As some of you may have noticed, our player counts have been hitting very high, which is great! So we thought this would be the perfect time to release some amazing new maps for some of our most popular gamemodes! Some of them are even accepted...
  6. Efcluke94

    Video Video creators, we need you!

    If you are creative at making video game trailers then we will need you! The content you record will mainly be for Bedrock/Marketplace. I would suggest anyone interested to check out the Marketplace store! Look at the 'video trailers' section. We would want to advertise our skin packs...
  7. Efcluke94

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hello, would you like to create a map for CubeCraft that could feature on both Java and Bedrock? In this thread I will explain how to submit a map. The title of the thread must include the game name and map name. For example: [SKYWARS] Elixir When creating a map submission you must attach a...
  8. Efcluke94

    New pre lobbies + Map improvements

    Hello CubeCrafters! It's time for a little map update for ya'll. We've asked the community for some map suggestions and we've been busy changing and improving our maps, based on community and staff feedback. Want to know what's in the update? Read everything below! We've added some brand...
  9. Efcluke94

    All Networks I need map feedback

    Hello land of positivity and flawless logic, now I know how much you love CubeCraft and Minecraft so I think I've came to the right place. I need feedback on maps, what to edit to improve gameplay, if any of the pre lobbies could do with a refresh etc... I have asked in game and on discord and...
  10. Efcluke94

    Bedrock: Lobby update + New store content!

    Hello CubeCrafters! We did lots of great stuff over the past week, much update, very wow. Lobby Update! We have vastly improved how we display our games within lobbies. You can now play your favourites games even easier and quicker! Simply click the NPC, after you join the game it will start...
  11. Efcluke94

    SkyWars Map Update!

    Hello CubeCrafters, This week we're releasing a mid week map update along with Thursday's general update. It's time SkyWars got some new maps, so enjoy 7 brand new and returning maps. Solo Maps: The builders have put blood, sweat and tears into creating 4 new Solo SkyWars maps. Each of these...
  12. Efcluke94

    Parkour Inspiration

    I like to jump yes and press space bar a lot... this is how I got inspired to make parkour maps:
  13. Efcluke94

    Loot Competition!

    We've recently released our awesome Loot system where you can obtain many amazing items :eek: There has been a huge number of ideas shared in our 'Suggestions' forum. This got us thinking... How about we give our community the opportunity to win some awesome prizes when submitting a suggestion...
  14. Efcluke94

    New lobby - Easter egg suggestions

    The build team implemented a brand new main lobby today, it's bigger and more colourful than ever. We want to ask you what type of easter eggs or secrets you'd like to see hidden around the lobby. This could be an armour stand scene, a trampoline of slime blocks or a secret disco room, the...
  15. Efcluke94

    Wonderful Christmas Map Update!

    Happy Holidays CubeCrafters! The Maps What a wonderful time of the year! Another map update, I have received so many amazing suggestions for Christmas maps, including making a seasonal version of the classic EggWars map Tea Party, hopefully this will be just as chaotic and fun. We have brought...
  16. Efcluke94

    Magical Christmas Map Update!

    Happy Holidays CubeCrafters! The Maps Hope you're having a fun CubeCraft Christmas so far, while wrapping up warm in big jumpers and drinking lots of hot chocolate, I know I am! We have released 6 maps this week to celebrate the festive season. Any veteran players out there will recognise a...
  17. Efcluke94

    Christmas map ideas!

    Suggest different kind of layouts, what the islands could be for example if you want an island to be a snow globe. Feel free to suggest anything Christmas related that you think would make an awesome map for EggWars.
  18. Efcluke94

    Halloween Part 1 - Monstrous Map Update!

    Hello you ghosts and ghouls... I mean CubeCrafters! Halloween Hub We've updated our hub with an overwhelming amount of spooky decorations. We have added so many more harrowing monstrosities, armour stands and easter eggs along with six maps! Pumpkin Hunt A spooky ghost has decided to...
  19. Efcluke94

    SkyWars map update: Changelog

    Hello! Due to chest balancing I had to change every single map, to help balance this which resulted in removing secret chests on starter islands and adding an obvious chest on every map. I will cover the maps that were removed/revamped, then the little changes as a huge list! I used this...
  20. Efcluke94

    Colossal Tower Defence Update!

    Hello CubeCrafters! We've been listening to your feedback, and decided there was so much unexplored territory with Tower Defence - so we’ve taken some extremely ambitious steps in making every game you play more unique. This HUGE update includes epic new features such as tower upgrade trees...
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