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  1. champ_axis

    All Networks What Cubecraft Can Learn from the 1.19 Update

    Neglecting Skyblock is single handedly the worst idea yet, We were promised this over 2 years ago and yet you update games that get updates so often. I want to see it back on the notion board and a release date. This is dumb and really shows how you care about the community.
  2. champ_axis

    The 1.19 migration to Bedrock

    I hope the change is skyblock 🤞
  3. champ_axis

    All Networks New Game

    Thanks for the comment! How do I put it in feedback?
  4. champ_axis

    All Networks New Game

    No pvp but a item that causes knock back could be a sweet powerup
  5. champ_axis

    All Networks New Game

    I think adding a new game called “Disasters” is the next move to make. A fairly popular YouTube named “Grian” had a server about 5 years ago where you had to survive disasters and could spark a new community. After the server shut down no one has came up with a mini game that good. It’s an idea...
  6. champ_axis


    Currently the Beetroot Gang has the record, I am part of the island.
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