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  1. t1m7861

    Bedrock Parkour new pa

    What do you think of the new Parkour maps? I personally love them but i feel like a lot of the new map have smaller platforms than the old ones but i dont feel like its harder b.c. of that.
  2. t1m7861

    Bedrock Make players small in parkour microgames.

    I think it would be helpfull in other minigames to and sometimes players just run into me and i can see anything
  3. t1m7861

    new gamemodes

    I think it is hard to do skill based matchmaking but If it would be depend on you level or so it would be cool in all gamemodes
  4. t1m7861

    All Networks Level leaderboard

    I think this would be great b.c. my freind is really good and is lvl 80 but than i see lvl 160 people and think of how good they must be. Like im lvl 20 and i would say im really good at mc i rush and eggwars game with my lvl 35 friend in like 2 minutes.
  5. t1m7861

    Bedrock Teams of 10?

    I know this but it was an idea to make an 10 player mode so the problems i had with mega would be fixed
  6. t1m7861

    Bedrock Teams of 10?

    I played blockwars and eggwars Mega a lot recently and it kinda feels to big. I think that teams of 10 would be better to play with or just add an new 10 player gamemode. I also think it would be better so you dont spwan in an blockwars briges Game that has 3 minutes left and you are losing it...
  7. t1m7861

    Free for All new kits

    I also think that FFA needs an update and like more fun kits or like an build mode so it doesnt get boring so fast.
  8. t1m7861

    Bedrock capes

    So the standart minecraft capes are in the skin editor and they are getting more in the last time so i dindt think that it will come back to cuecraft.
  9. t1m7861

    Bedrock fix overpowert duels

    Fix the overpowert duels? I feel like the overpowert duels mode is just longer than the normal on. I think it would be better to make it with like more cool items and stuff and better ways to kill the opponent than spamming with the sword. Last time i played overpowert my finger hurted so much i...
  10. t1m7861

    Bedrock Eggwars map

    I would love it i allway played it with my friend on the ps4
  11. t1m7861

    Bedrock more duels maps

    thank you i didnt know that i should have wrote it the ather section
  12. t1m7861

    Bedrock more duels maps

    oh sorry i didnt meant do write it in the wrong forum
  13. t1m7861

    MinerWare MinerWare Game Update Question

    Tip: search one chest and place all the items from you inv in there that are from the theme dont search for the right chest for the items in you hotbar.
  14. t1m7861

    Bedrock more duels maps

    We need more Duels Maps?! I think we need more Duels Maps that are more like ingame Duels in like eggwars or skywars, i know that there are game duels but like an cave or skywars duels Map would be great.
  15. t1m7861

    EggWars Java What's the use of sweeping edge ?

    Its really usefull if rush into bases and have a lot od players attacking you at once but if you play solos or duos it is not as usefull.
  16. t1m7861

    My highest winstreak

    That is insane i have like 300 games played and like 170 wins and my highest winstreak is like 2 or something.
  17. t1m7861

    Bedrock SkyWars skywars xp

    Skywars xp Getting xp in skywars for second or third place? I think it would be more fun if you get xp for kills and if you get second or third.
  18. t1m7861

    Free for All hackers

    i do and i feel like its also getting more in other gamemodes but the last time i saw an hacker who was really bad was like 2 months ago i just see some with fly hacks or something.
  19. t1m7861

    Bedrock SkyWars more skywars kits

    I think new and unlockable kits in Skywars woul be great so you have a goal you can grind for.
  20. t1m7861

    Bedrock MinerWare Microgames messages

    Does anyone miss these little messages? I miss these little messages after an microgmae that said something like ,,T1m is the king of the hill'' or ,,the players have sneaked 23 blocks in total''. I wonder why they where deleted.
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