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  1. jacob12dx

    😲 Another MinerWare Update - More Microgames!

    Common MinerWare W
  2. jacob12dx

    Bedrock MinerWare What are your thoughts on the new MinerWare update?

    Porkins Peek is awful besides that I love the update
  3. jacob12dx

    Bedrock Do You Like the 1.19/1.20 Update?

    I don’t know how I feel about the update. It feels like it was a little rushed but a lot of the stuff they introduced was actually pretty cool. I play MinerWare the most and a lot of the revisions they did to the microgames are awesome. However ever since the update was released I have been...
  4. jacob12dx

    Bedrock Do You Like the 1.19/1.20 Update?

    Can someone tell me why the results on my poll were cleared? Is it something I did or did a staff member manually do it?
  5. jacob12dx

    Bedrock Do You Like the 1.19/1.20 Update?

    Now that it's released, do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the update? Feel free to explain your opinion in replies!
  6. jacob12dx

    Bedrock MinerWare Update Suggestions

    Hello! Many of people say MinerWare is too easy and boring, so I have compiled a list of changes to the microgames that could make it enjoyable. Let me know in the replies what ideas you like and/or dislike and if you have anything else to add :) Find the Button (Rework) Add several buttons...
  7. jacob12dx

    Bedrock MinerWare Best minerware boss game

    Colour Floor is by far my favorite, I love Tnt Run and strongly dislike Bow Spleef. I haven’t played Don’t Get Spotted much but I would say it’s pretty fun.
  8. jacob12dx

    Bedrock Make Skywars chaos FREE

    I think bringing back the free weeks would be a good start! Like you said, it could help the player count as well.
  9. jacob12dx

    Bedrock Minerware [Suggestion]

    Please add the bonus text back in Minerware (I don't know what else to call it). I am unsure when or why it was removed, but in the Minerware gamemode it would say things such as how many people won the microgame as well as a fun fact about it. Examples for clarification: "[Username] won the...
  10. jacob12dx

    Java Permanent bans for a fake report

    Hacking isn't nearly as bad/immoral as blatantly lying to the staff team about something that never actually happened. Imo, creating a fake report with fake evidence just to frame an innocent person someone deserves a worse punishment than the thing you are reporting the player for.
  11. jacob12dx

    Web Total Online Player Count on Front Page of Forums

    Them being separate is always an option as well :)
  12. jacob12dx

    Web Total Online Player Count on Front Page of Forums

    The title is pretty self explanatory. Basically what I'm suggesting is an overall online player count for both the Bedrock and Java server combined to appear on the front page of the forums (so if there are 30k people on the bedrock server, and 5k on the java server, it would say "35000 players...
  13. jacob12dx

    Bedrock Resource Pack: Scoreboards, Wands & More!

    Awesome job on this! Loving it already :)
  14. jacob12dx

    Java getting banned for a rule that doesn't exist

    I think by "double clicking" he means using a double click mouse, not butterfly clicking. (Butterfly clicking is allowed, double click mouses aren't)
  15. jacob12dx

    Share your oldest screenshot!

    Teaming in survival games? 😬
  16. jacob12dx

    Congrats on Helper 😎

    Congrats on Helper 😎
  17. jacob12dx

    Beta (Bedrock) Can FFA have health regen on kill

    YES this is an idea we need, a reward for getting kills so that players can't "clean" other players after a fight.
  18. jacob12dx

    Rest in Peace Shiny you will be missed. 😔 I wish i could've gotten the chance to meet you ❤️❤️...

    Rest in Peace Shiny you will be missed. 😔 I wish i could've gotten the chance to meet you ❤️❤️ You will not be forgotten.
  19. jacob12dx


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