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  1. Durpy

    [Solo SW] Redesign Pines!

    I had posted a three in one Nature, Pines, and Cliffside map but only received negative feedback on the pines map. I've decided to renovate it, please let me know you think this update is and leave any feedback! <3
  2. Durpy

    [DUELS] Courtyard

    Fun duels map! please give feedback
  3. Durpy

    [UnNamed] Minerware Map

    By far my favorite map I've made in a while! Please vote and leave any feedback
  4. Durpy

    [SOLO SKYWARS] Nature, Pines, Cliffside!

    Hi, I am Unipotat also known as Durpy. I have had these old maps for a while and just never used them and I'm not sure if I've even shown these but I'm very proud of them! Please vote and leave your feedback ide love to create more maps if given the chance! All of these maps were made for...
  5. Durpy

    Java Leaderboard Waiting Lobby!

    I've seen a lot of players complain about removing the old armor stand based leaderboards, and honestly, I hate the GUI leaderboards there beyond boring. Bringing these leaderboards back is not a new suggestion, its been suggested multiple times since the GUIs have been added. I'm not sure why...
  6. Durpy

    Java May 4th Egg Broken Message

    Noticed today was may 4th and that's a popular day w/ StarWars fans. Wanted to enable some fun StarWars cosmetics, but dont have any. I could have just not unlocked these yet but heres a egg crack msg that came to mind, idk I like it lol. "[User] used the force to crack [teamcolors]'s Egg!
  7. Durpy

    Java Tnt Trouble Comes Back!

    Hello, I played back before "The Big Change" and one of the beta games was Tnt Trouble, one of the problems of the game was it required a large number of players (Like UHC, and became abandoned) It was not playing a lot, and it lead to the game being removed. I really enjoyed this game, I loved...
  8. Durpy

    All Networks New Game Suggestion?

    Hello, I have not been having as much fun on cubecraft as I use to recently and all the games are repetitive and old... I would like to see a new game come to cubecraft that can make players want to keep playing it (basicaly unlike skywars where you do the same time every time) and so I thought...
  9. Durpy

    Builds SkyWars Map | Chiken

    [Edit] thats the tea :eek: dont try to expose me hehe Love u the most kbye :)
  10. Durpy

    Java Tower Defense Achievements Changes

    so umm i was looking at TD achievements and think some are out of place Example - builder is a progressive ach and is in general. If u cant tell the suggestion is to move those achievements to progress
  11. Durpy

    Builds ChristmasFFAMansion

    Christmas map edit of my old FFAMansion i posted a wile back! Another christmas build post on tuesday!
  12. Durpy

    Builds 1st Duels map! <o/

    Map name: Courtyard @Ghoste Is the new model for the map :3
  13. Durpy

    Builds Another Hub By The Team :3

    another map made by my build team! :3
  14. Durpy

    Builds SkyWars | Nature

    MAP WAS NOT MADE BY ME 100% of this map credit goes to one of my builders MCGamerZ
  15. Durpy

    Builds Hub | Jungle City

    All Houses made by me Terrain made by @Nutuu
  16. Durpy

    Builds Hub | Clock

    This was made by 1 of the builders on my build team and was mainly a solo project, i helped with the interriors
  17. Durpy

    Builds FFA Map | Mansion

    I own a build team and we recently finished a ffa map, any thoughts? :D
  18. Durpy

    Java Change + Miniature

    SIMPLE (look at attached file)
  19. Durpy

    Java 1.8 / 1.9+ Leaderboards

    Hello, I think that 1.8 leaderboards and 1.9+ Leaderboards should be different. 1.8 Pvp is very different to 1.9 and when u join in 1.8 or 1.9 it is the same leaderboard, I think it should be different. Kinda a simple idea but would be cool
  20. Durpy

    Java A way to allow Labymod reports! :)

    Simple, a way to allow labymod reports. I was on spigot looking around. and found a plugin, created by the devs of labymod, were u can disable some labymod features. [tested - works] https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/labymod-server-api.52423/ Config - permissions: IMPROVED_LAVA: true...
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