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  1. Kloska

    Introduction after 1000 messages.

    Quack I figured I never actually introduced myself, so for my 1,000th message it’s finally time. I’m Tim, or Kloska as you probably better recognize me as. I’m 16 years old and I live in a flat in Sweden with my sister, dad and three cats. I study first year of technology and media...
  2. Kloska

    Java Kit selection

    Recently a new kit selection system was added to Lucky Islands, the awaited automatic kit selection. However, there is a flaw. What do I want added? Right now, there is no way to start without a kit once you selected a kit. I suggest to add an option where you can deselect the kit you currently...
  3. Kloska

    Java Wing rush

    I just played a game of wing rush and for the first time ever, all players (except me) left the game before anyone finished. I got 3 trophies but not the win as I didn't reach finish. Edit: Just seems like my stats didn't update/where bugged. My suggestion is to do something simular to what it...
  4. Kloska

    Implemented <Birthday> Change team color

    Currently there are an orange, dark blue, yellow and a dark green team. Every team has it's own colored theme and so has The dark green's starter island. The problem with this island is that the theme is light green and not dark green. I know this is a seasonal map, but for the next time it...
  5. Kloska

    This is clearly not a normal pig

    I opened a luckyblock next to a 'just a normal pig' and got an iron block. Look at this new, clearly not a normal pig.
  6. Kloska

    Implemented Daily challenge colors

    This is a quality of life suggestion. Currently a not finished daily challenge are light blue and looks like this. When one of the challenges is finished, they're still light blue. So, my suggestion is to make the light blue text green when a certain challenge is finished. Maybe even make...
  7. Kloska


    Just a quick question. Are impersonating a top player against the rules? Feel free to lock the thread when I've got my answear. ;)
  8. Kloska

    Pokemons in lucky islands? Help me with ideas!

    A crazy idea just popped up in my head. I'll just explain it quick of what I found out and I'd love to get some help from you guys to make it better. I want a team map (could be solo) called 'Pokemon' or 'cubemon' which should be pokemon inspired in some way. In that specific map, there would...
  9. Kloska


    Just a small thing. Don't let Sentiel ban hackers in lobbies OR accept reports of players hacking in lobbies. Easy as that. When I reported a player hacking in a lobby. It got closed and this was the
  10. Kloska

    Bold text in tab for friends

    Hey! Today I'm back for my 4th (pretty small) quality of life suggestion. You know sometimes when you go in to a lobby, crowded with people and opens tab to see if there is any of your friends in there. But when it looks like It's very hard (takes time) to find any of your friends right...
  11. Kloska

    Tower Defence: Change this please

    Just a small suggestion inspired by @SanCookie ;) I suggest changing the swords in the hands of the most monster sent leaderboard players to mob heads instead. I'd make sense cause the leaderboard is based on how many monsters they've sent and not killed. This is what it looks like: The mob...
  12. Kloska

    Change the loot menu a bit

    I'm not good at whiriting threads or so.. But let's get on to what I suggest. I want to suggest a small change to the loot menue. I'd like changing the blue small cube (aka the old cubelet or the cubecraft logo) in the loot menu to the new normal cubelet.:cubelet: This is what it looks like...
  13. Kloska

    Make '/fly' unable during chest chaser event

    As the title says. Make the /fly command unable to use durin the chest chaser event in the main lobby. I think flying gives an advantage to the flying player who can travel faster and see a bigger overview than others. As you get points in the chest should this also be against the EULA right?
  14. Kloska

    Help me with this..

    When I play bingo, I can't see the whole map.. I wonder if there is any settings I can change so I can see the whole map with items. :p
  15. Kloska

    Just a small PvP Duels suggestion

    I have a small suggestion for PvP Duels. What? Make the rematch denied if a player leaves and automatically make the lonley player tp to the lobby. Why? This is a small quality of life change makes it all a bit better.
  16. Kloska

    Voting reward

    I'm just wanted to say that there is a bug with the voting reward. When I voted today, I didn't get any reward and the same thing has hapend to everyone I asked. On the voting page, I can only see that 1 player have voted 10 times, but I have voted 10 timeas and 2 of my friends.. Is this a...
  17. Kloska

    My ideas of the leaderboard

    There have been so many suggestions about the leaderboard the last 2 weeks. In my opinion, Cube should do something that is almost like Hypixel's kind of leaderboards. Maybe we should be able to right click on the leaderboard and it will swop to a weekly, monthly and all time leaderboard. This...
  18. Kloska

    Level Leaderboard

    I have a suggestion about to put a level leaderboard in the main lobby. I think it would get people with a higher level than 100 to be motivated to play more and level up. If you want 2 leaderboards in the main lobby, you can also put a "time played" or a "time online" leaderboard on the...
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