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  1. hoppyfrog28_

    Skyblock Dying amour blue

    There are definitely a few bugs with Skyblock nowadays. You can report any bugs that you find here: CubeCraft Bug Reports
  2. hoppyfrog28_

    Bedrock Experience for wins

    Ahem. There's more than just two of you, you know. I agree with these changes. Some gamemodes like BlockWars definitely deserve more xp. This also provides as a nice list of xp for each gamemode - I might use this later. Very well-made thread 🐸
  3. hoppyfrog28_

    All Networks /requeue QoL feature

    There should be an easy way to requeue any game through a simple command. /requeue This would be useable in most gamemodes. Example: I'm waiting in a Skywars round and maybe it's taking a really long time for the game to start. I could use /requeue and automatically queue for a new Skywars...
  4. hoppyfrog28_

    Two Secret Projects - thoughts?

    Hmm... perhaps the two go together. Whatever they are, they are probably pretty big because the secret project #1 was announced a month ago and still hasn't been moved to the "Testing" category. I wonder if they will both be released at the same time? Maybe the emojis could mean something...
  5. hoppyfrog28_

    Cube Chain

    Well done everyone! We officially have 10 forum pages of CubeChain! We have gone from "Cube" to "Potions". Top Cube Chainers: @CrystalLegend01 @Quackier @Tripleee New word: "Brewing stand"!
  6. hoppyfrog28_

    Bedrock Could we bring back the old bundles

    I disagree with this for two reasons: 1. You CAN get old bundles through special links, however it will cost much more than getting them when they are officially available. I think that is fair. 2. This would not be fair to players who either bought the old bundles when they were actually...
  7. hoppyfrog28_

    Your Best Speedrun

    What's your best speedrun (fastest time beating a match) for any game? Make sure to include the gamemode with your response! You can also do Parkour speedruns if you want. Mine is Skywars Solo 57 seconds
  8. hoppyfrog28_

    The Reason CubeCraft is Struggling

    Considering the recent removal of 4 CubeCraft staff members, the Blockwars update that many people did not like, and the drama from the Devil Opening Effects pack, CubeCraft isn't doing great at the moment. One more wrong move could greatly damage CubeCraft. I know this is said again and again...
  9. hoppyfrog28_

    All Networks Find anyones BIRTHDAY - Forum Error

    I recently stumbled across a way to be able to know many (not all) players' birthdays, or at least what they typed in as their birthday when signing up on the forums. This might be known by many people or not, but either way it's probably not something that CubeCraft wants. The Error: The way...
  10. hoppyfrog28_

    CrystalLegend01’s (Late) Introduction

    Welcome to the forums! Kinda? My favorite game is Skywars Solo and I'm on an iPad too!
  11. hoppyfrog28_

    Bedrock BlockWars The BlockWars Update: Highlights and Opinions

    It definitely is not getting great reactions from the community. But then again, the 1.19 update also didn't at first and it turned out to actually not be as bad as people thought.
  12. hoppyfrog28_

    Bedrock BlockWars The BlockWars Update: Highlights and Opinions

    The Blockwars Update just came out and A LOT has changed. This post mentions all the main things that were modified. This is less of my opinions and more of the actual facts. Say what YOU think in the comments. Bridges: Blockwars Bridges received many changes, such as: - 5v5 Blockwars has...
  13. hoppyfrog28_

    The lowest point of my life...

    150 parkour winstreak, 200 present rush winstreak... both lost from the evil server 😭
  14. hoppyfrog28_

    Cube Chain

    This is a game where you comment a word that is associated with the word above Rules: - You can not just change plural to singular or singular to plural (frog > frogs) - 1-2 words allowed - Has to be fairly associated with the word posted above it I will start it off with the word: "Cube"...
  15. hoppyfrog28_

    All Networks Expanded Gifting

    CubeCraft's main competitor is the Hive. Naturally, Hive and CubeCraft are both great servers, which is why they both sometimes get ideas based off of what eachother do. By this I don't mean copying each other, but improving based off of each other's servers. One major thing that Hive has that...
  16. hoppyfrog28_

    Bedrock King Of The Hill Compass (FFA)

    There is still a yellow circle marking the bounty / hill / fort on Bedrock, but I do agree that a compass would be a nice addition
  17. hoppyfrog28_

    Java Remove ASIA Servers

    I know enough about Java that removing an entire server isn't going to help anything 😑
  18. hoppyfrog28_

    Java Remove ASIA Servers

    I don't see any point in removing the Java Asia server. People still play on it even if it just a few, and it won't help anything to remove it. Removing the Asia server will make Cube Java lose players, which it definitely can't afford at the moment. Stop reacting :disagree: every time someone...
  19. hoppyfrog28_

    What do you think the “secret project”is?

    Skyblock end update perhaps?
  20. hoppyfrog28_

    What do you think the “secret project”is?

    Oo I would love a replay system. Private games already exist...
  21. hoppyfrog28_

    Haha I just realized that I use your Java HVB Mod

    Haha I just realized that I use your Java HVB Mod
  22. hoppyfrog28_

    What do you think the “secret project”is?

    I'm guessing it's something that isn't an update to a specific game. ex: new game, new loot / bundles / ranks, new hub, new loot category, or nothing at all (that would be sad though).
  23. hoppyfrog28_

    Your signature argues otherwise 😏

    Your signature argues otherwise 😏
  24. hoppyfrog28_

    Bedrock Speedrun Stat

    I think that it would be a very useful feature to have a "Shortest Won Game" stat or "Best Speedrun" stat for most gamemodes. This would simply record the fastest time that you have taken to win a game of that gamemode. It would act much like the winstreak stat; the stat only records data that...
  25. hoppyfrog28_

    [SIGN UP] Cubecraft Hunger Games - ❄️January 2024 Edition❄️

    Bedrock IGN: xHoppyFrog District 5. I'm good with anyone I wasn't sure if you need this, but:
  26. hoppyfrog28_

    All Networks Bring Back Winter Games Leaderboards!

    Not only this, but players can't even check their stats for winter games.
  27. hoppyfrog28_

    All Networks Bring Back Winter Games Leaderboards!

    YES! I was about to make a post about this my self. Very spooky to see the leaderboards gone 😩 (Also you should change "150" to "100")
  28. hoppyfrog28_

    What device does everyone use?

    I use an iPad with the 1.19 controls. I prefer these controls because: - You can attack / place blocks while also rotating your view at the same time - You can jump bridge and mj bridge. - Joystick: meaning 360° movement - No more double-clicking crouch. - Easier PvP and block placing in my opinion
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