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    the make a appeal on appeals.cubecraft.netAppeals - CubeCraft Games
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    Bedrock Eggwars LB season 3 or s4

    it would be great to have a season lb becouse on the main lb its hard to get like top 10 and on seasonal leaderboard its much easier
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    I got my 5000th eggwars squads win!

    congrats i hope you get much more winhs in the future
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    more maps hf

    these maps looks really cool i think i need to test them out
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    i will be lvl 100 on bedrock im close to make it.and i will get mi eggwars mega grind come back
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    Flying without requirements?

    it can be a nicked partner or staff member or just laggy players
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    Share your Christmas gift.

    thw kiel
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    New to Forums

    hey Trix welcome to the community I hope you have much fun here
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    Share your Christmas gift.

    i got a shirt from mi fav handballteam
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    All Networks Add the Halloween Bundle now!!!

    hey the halloween bundle will come later bc it makes no sense to release it now bc the anesessary bundle came on the anesessary from cubecraft and not 30 days befor u know i would make no sense and u get ur christmas pressents on chrismas and not on the first december.tho the halloween bundle...
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    Bedrock Skywars NEEDS Autoclicker Detection

    i think this is a great idea but its really hard to make a ditecter for autoclickerbc its really hard to find smt where u can ditect ac and u have a bigger chance to get false banned from the ditecter i dont say its immposible but it will be really hard to code that and stuff and to make it...
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    Bedrock Should Drag-Clicking be allowed on Bedrock Edition?

    its just that drag click is to op and the bedrock edition have many console and mobile.and what can i console player do vs a pc player with and thats a really unfair.and not all mouses can drag click tho u need much money too buy a good mouse to have a good chance.and thats why i dont like that...
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    All Networks FFA - what makes it fun?

    I Like to Play FFA Becouse you can do what you want for example U can relax in the Secret rooms and have fun with Other players.you can Play for good Combos and high kill streaks you can Team with someone and start Like a war or smt.u can 1v1 sweats and U can do more stuff.so this Game If for...
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    Bedrock New Games

    hey there here are mi thauths abaut that...
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    Thank you(:

    Thank you(:
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    Thank you(:

    Thank you(:
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    Thank you (:

    Thank you (:
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    Thank you (:

    Thank you (:
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    Thank you (:

    Thank you (:
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    Thank you (:

    Thank you (:
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    Thank you (:

    Thank you (:
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    Chadadian52s introduction

    Hey Welcome nice to meet U i Hope U enjoy IT Here
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    Video cubecraft memories ❤️‍🩹

    Ty i waited Long for this vidio.I Love Ur vidios so much so keep Up the great Work (: and have a nice day.cya
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    ☀️ Community Highlights - August 2023

    I didnt expect i wrote so many Messages i thauth i have Like 50 in August but im the First with 91 Messages thats crazy.keep Up the great Work (:
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    More abaut me LichtTim

    so im LichtTim im 20th on the eggwars mega leaderbord but i dont really care abaut this leaderbord i just see that im passing guys mi bedrock ign is LichtTim7420880 im quite active on the cubecraft discord and on forums i enjoy it to be a part of cubecrafts comunity...
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    im good today and hbu and mi fav game on cc is eggwars bc i love to play eggwars with mi friends i have so much fun to play it have a nice day(: cya
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    Which kit better for winning easier (daily pool)

    Hey i Like OP eggwars more BC u need to Combo and give more Hits than Ur enemy BC the Armor get broke after a Bit thats meaning IT depend how many Hits did U give Ur enemy (:
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    Bedrock just to explain why cc did the update

    hope i can get more feedback bc im not really sure that this thread is good tho (:
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    Bedrock just to explain why cc did the update

    ye the 1.19 features are the other point i forgot that sry
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    All Networks Speed Eggwars

    the og eggwars wont come back if u want to know more abaut the background of the update just read mi thread in game discusions
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