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  1. cruzthebest1192

    Bedrock kit settings in Battle arena

    I like this bc I use the wizard kit and then I have to scroll to diff options and it's very annoying
  2. cruzthebest1192

    Builds I made my own CubeCraft map

    omg new cc builder :O
  3. cruzthebest1192

    Bedrock Egg wars xp revamp

    I think That even if you don't win a game a egg wars you should still get a bit of xp Elimination xp I Think that if you get a elimination kill you should get about 1-3 XP for it Egg break xp If you break a egg you should also get 10-20 XP for breaking it Mega egg wars xp I have seen that...
  4. cruzthebest1192

    Bedrock Achievements for bedrock cc

    I have seen that java cubecraft has achievements for getting a certain amount of wins in a game. A certain amounts of kills in ffa and I feel like this would be a good idea for cubecraft bedrock for more things to do instead of just trying to get on the leaderboards
  5. cruzthebest1192

    All Networks Level leaderboard

    A leaderboard to see who has the highest level in the sever and for more competition Most people don't know who has the highest level and a level leaderboard will be a nice leaderboard for more grinding on the sever to get higher level
  6. cruzthebest1192

    🌈 RGB Bundle + New Map!

    Tey They should add RGB shoes
  7. cruzthebest1192

    Bedrock 350xp for mega egg wars

    I think that mega egg wars should also get 350xp per game since mega sky wars also has 350xp so it's only fair that the 2 mega games should get the same amount of xp gained.
  8. cruzthebest1192

    All Networks Too much netherite

    Hello this is something I have seen many people complain there is too much netherite in Skywars you can now get netherite from islands chest and mud chest and people can get netherite armor with no effort I will like if the cubecraft team will reduce the amount of netherite that spawn please and ty
  9. cruzthebest1192

    the 3 ppl that won

    Oops due to some difficult I can buy the horror bundle I can only send the backroom bundles:( I'm sorry can you just give me the other username that you gave me
  10. cruzthebest1192

    the 3 ppl that won

    Yea I can gift you a horror bundle:)
  11. cruzthebest1192

    No you pro

    No you pro
  12. cruzthebest1192

    Bedrock CTF dules

    All ppl usually get is iron sword
  13. cruzthebest1192

    Bedrock CTF dules

    in ctf dules the wall should fall faster like about 15-20 seconds not 30 seconds
  14. cruzthebest1192

    the 3 ppl that won

    first place ElFlxen_ second place hoppyfrog28_ and third place TabKeyCat congratulations put you ign in the comments and i will send the bundles to you!!!!
  15. cruzthebest1192

    contest for 3 backroom bundle

    Sunday at 12 pm central time
  16. cruzthebest1192

    contest for 3 backroom bundle

    best build in Minecraft top 3 builds will win a backroom bundle!!! this contest will go for a week so good luck!!!!! you need to have proof that you made it btw:)
  17. cruzthebest1192

    Bedrock More mobs added to lobby's

    I want more mobs added into lobby's like a warden in the Skywars lobby that walks around a sniffer in ffa lobby a witch in lucky blocks a husk in survival games lobby a chicken in egg wars lobby a goat in parkour lobby a camel in blockwars lobby and a random mob of the community choice in the...
  18. cruzthebest1192

    hoshi and justnathie

    your more cool , and ty:)
  19. cruzthebest1192

    hoshi and justnathie

    nah your more cool
  20. cruzthebest1192

    hoshi and justnathie

    congragulations hoshi and justnathie on mod:cubie2::heart:😍
  21. cruzthebest1192

    Happy birthday cc

  22. cruzthebest1192

    It's my birthday 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

    I'm am now 14 :D
  23. cruzthebest1192

    Egg wars

    I got on egg wars dules leaderboard w
  24. cruzthebest1192

    The Forum Guide: Community Edition

    w very good :D
  25. cruzthebest1192

    All Networks Transition screen color

    You can pick the color of it
  26. cruzthebest1192

    All Networks Transition screen color

    You can pick the color of the Transition screen 😎😀
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