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  1. posingwater

    Bedrock Rejoin Command - Bedrock

    they fixed it in hypixel by making the respawn time when you rejoin to 10 seconds. And I think disconnecting does count as a death, as the person who hit u last would get kill credit when you leave
  2. posingwater

    Bedrock Rejoin Command - Bedrock

    well, you'll still be rushing their base, so no harm in that. And they respawn with no armor or a sword
  3. posingwater

    Bedrock Rejoin Command - Bedrock

    after rejoining, they would respawn at their base. Not where they were before they got disconnected
  4. posingwater

    Bedrock Rejoin Command - Bedrock

    ye rn the ppl use /hub just before u get their egg so that you don't get ems. I think cc should code it so that the last player to deal damage to the person before they leave should get the final kill credit and ems (even if they leave before their egg gets destroyed). Also, disconnecting does...
  5. posingwater

    Bedrock Rejoin Command - Bedrock

    If they lose their egg, they wouldn't be allowed to join back into the game. So it won't be that big of a deal
  6. posingwater

    Bedrock Fix 1.19 Damage

    it's not luck based, you need to have more awareness of your surroundings and know if someone is going to third party your fight
  7. posingwater

    1.20 beta on Bedrock

    it's an open beta. Bugs are to be expected
  8. posingwater

    1.20 beta on Bedrock

    Taking a moment to appreciate the cubecraft team for their hard work. I know that it isn't easy to update from a version that was obsolete for 7+ years. Eggwars actually became fun again. It's a little bit slow paced, but it makes it so that you still have a chance against ffa sweats when you...
  9. posingwater

    All Networks Bedrock PvP knockback improvements (Vertical knockback)

    Ye some ppl take next to no kb (Mostly mobile players). And I know they aren't jump resetting coz I try randomizing my hits and it still does nothing for their kb.
  10. posingwater

    All Networks armour. FFa suggestion :)

    yes, but this is basically a much weaker warrior kit, coz it decreases the damage you deal and gives you less armor. It's a debuff in all aspects and makes it a very bad kit on bedrock.
  11. posingwater

    Bedrock Bring back the OG Minecraft sound

    I disagree with this. 1. Most of the people have already gotten used to this, and frankly I hate hit sounds when you don't hit anything. It throws off my aim by a lot. 2. To know if they have auto-clicker, just look at their playstyle. If they continue clicking fast even when you are a few...
  12. posingwater

    Skyblock Best Way To Do Timber Quest?

    idk which quest you are referencing, but what I did for all the wood related quests is I had a line of dirt, and I planted all the saplings together in a straight line. This works for oak, acacia and birch, but might give you less saplings after harvesting, so don't use this method if you are...
  13. posingwater

    EggWars 🥚How do you rush in Eggwars?

    50 carrots? *pfft* amateur
  14. posingwater

    EggWars Java EggWars: Season 2 - Beta Development 🥚

    I don't understand how bringing back the em gens makes it easier for new players. It's the experienced ppl who will get control of mid 9/10 times. The new update makes it so that you still get ems even when you are not at mid. Gapples don't need the price change cause then it would still make...
  15. posingwater

    EggWars Java EggWars: Season 2 - Beta Development 🥚

    You want the old EggWars as it is, but the game has to be updated. It was getting stale tbh. I agree that Netherite armor with it's reduced kb is way too op, but the other changes just change how the game should be played to a more strategic game, rather than solely relying on PvP. I don't...
  16. posingwater

    EggWars bedrock update?

    https://cubecraft.notion.site/e86c96a3ee78465d8e5c24c22489c094?v=79bd3042c1cf42aa9d4ed81a3043c505 check this site for progress on what stages the updates are at
  17. posingwater

    Thx <3

    Thx <3
  18. posingwater

    Oh thx, I didn't check the forums fr some time so sry abt the late reply

    Oh thx, I didn't check the forums fr some time so sry abt the late reply
  19. posingwater

    I got back to MC again

    change your Microsoft password with a random password generator(make it complex enough to the point that you are sure you won't learn the password even if you look at it everyday. The longer and the more complex it is, the better it will work) and write it down in a book. Keep the book far away...
  20. posingwater

    Hoshi's Polls & Discussions - #5

    I remember joining the java server 2-3 times before leaving it for other servers(I didn't understand how to pvp with new mechanics). When the java and bedrock got bundled, together I started playing on cubecraft, cause it resembled java pvp and also I got low ping there. So officially I started...
  21. posingwater

    EggWars 🥚How do you rush in Eggwars?

    doesn't the new controls make it possible to speedbridge on mobile without any external controllers?
  22. posingwater

    Have you ever beaten the ender dragon (Weekly poll 26)

    Is the bedrock ender dragon more difficult than the Java? I've never played survival on bedrock and ik that the wither is more difficult cause it spawns in other mobs to help fight it
  23. posingwater

    Funny Fact

    That's really cool ngl
  24. posingwater

    All Networks Remove Likes in Feedback and Suggestions

    That may not always be the case. An employee of mojang would know a lot about the game and the suggestions, but if he/she is not familiar with the website, they won't know how to agree/disagree on it. IK this is a very unique case, but replace the developer with the normal person and you...
  25. posingwater

    We both have the same Birthday 😲

    We both have the same Birthday 😲
  26. posingwater

    Which mini game is most played on cubecraft?

  27. posingwater

    All Networks Add man of the match awards for the CubeCraft minigames (Eggwars, Skywars, Lucky Islands, ...)

    I'm not saying that there aren't ways to implement this. I'm asking why it would be useful to the majority of the players that play on cc. Even to the niche amount of ppl that this would matter (read Youtubers/potential WR holders), it would most likely be a one-time thing. If there are any...
  28. posingwater

    Video My most edited video.

    30:27 pro strats my dude ^^
  29. posingwater

    All Networks Add man of the match awards for the CubeCraft minigames (Eggwars, Skywars, Lucky Islands, ...)

    yes, you can skip over, but in the end of the day, more information isn't always good. What really is the point of knowing blocks travelled? I sure hope steve isn't trying to calculate his calories 😂. Most of those times, these statistics will be a 'cool' feature, which you might use once in...
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