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  1. klutch 1 cps

    All Networks Skyblock more interactive

    Please could you make skyblock more interactive. You cant trade with anyone, theres no special boss fights, Theres no like special item crafting that you can use to get like a boost to ur character or weapons. Everytime i enter the skyblock lobby it feels like im walking around with ghosts, no...
  2. klutch 1 cps

    All Networks BIG PROJECT IDEA (let me know if it makes sense or sounds good)

    Ok so an Idea I had in mine that I feel like would attract 25% of the cubecraft server in total would be a Big Smp/uhc/everything sever. (I know this will definitely take at least 10 years to fully make and publish) But heres the idea I had so lets just make this quick step by step 1.make a...
  3. klutch 1 cps

    All Networks Add Blocks to survival games

    But theres blocks in every other pvp gamemode so how so?
  4. klutch 1 cps

    All Networks Add Blocks to survival games

    I played against campers in other pvp servers with blocks and still managed to kill them.
  5. klutch 1 cps

    All Networks Add Blocks to survival games

    Can we please add blocks to survival games its not required but it would definitely enhance the pvp.
  6. klutch 1 cps

    Bedrock Completely remove and revoke bedrock walking bridging or whatever you call it

    Please remove that stupid bedrock walking bridge that these kids keep doing. Im sorry but if you are bad at bridging in this game it is seriously a skill issue, there should be no reason why i look at someone in skywars on their island and then i turn around to loot a chest and not even 3...
  7. klutch 1 cps


  8. klutch 1 cps

    Bedrock (Eggwars) Spawning in with sword and armor

    In EggWars can you make it were we spawn in with armor and a sword. It feels like im spending more time than needed just to get a sword, armor and blocks for my first rush. Especially after I die its a repetitive process and it gets tiring after a while of playing.
  9. klutch 1 cps

    CCG Memes

    XD LOL Thats how it is 🤣 Fr though lol i havent posted in so long 😂😂 😂 Now this is funny 🤣 LOLLLL 🤣🤣 🤣🤣
  10. klutch 1 cps

    Skyblock All Quests Board

    This is amazing! I want to see more!
  11. klutch 1 cps

    I'm a passionate Minecraft player on the CubeCraft server.

    Nice knowing about you.
  12. klutch 1 cps

    RobinDn 3.0

    whats sup!
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  14. klutch 1 cps

    SkyWars Best game loot option (skywars)

    I enjoy normal it really shows who has good skill and not just good items.
  15. klutch 1 cps


    Im here to support, and help get rid of cheaters, you'll mostly find me in the report forum lol...
  16. klutch 1 cps

    Bedrock Remove bows from eggwars

    My best suggestion would be to rush people early on.
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