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  1. Goodyannathan


    sadly not, i had a good time grinding those lbs tho
  2. Goodyannathan


    i dont care about ur boosts or your money.
  3. Goodyannathan


    Goodbye, Im going leave the cubecraft community and will resign from owner in CA (my discord server). Im leaving because there is a lot of toxicity in the community+ i dont really enjoy mc anymore. I will still play every now and then and if you want to talk to me ill stay in my discord server...
  4. Goodyannathan

    Video Block Clutch Montage- by CA discord members

    Hey, in our discord server called CA we do a montage every month and this months topic was a Block Clutch montage, here is what we made with all the clips submitted, hope yall enjoy! :) If you want to submit clips or just take a look in out discord server u can use the following link...
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  6. Goodyannathan

    Duels choosing your kit in duels

    For bedrock it has been confirmed that they are working on a rank for duels/ffa. I think it would be cool if they can make it so with the rank you can select a few kits(2-4) you dont want to play. In this way you will only play the kits you really like. If you challenge someone on bedrock you...
  7. Goodyannathan

    Thanks for the follow :)

    Thanks for the follow :)
  8. Goodyannathan

    📜 Recruitment Revamp!

    Amazing update! I love to see the changes in the helper application and can't wait to see a bigger and improved staffteam in the future!
  9. Goodyannathan

    Video Cubecraft 1 Year Montage | (2020 - 2021)

    Good montage, i love to see the progress you have made! keep up the good work!
  10. Goodyannathan

    -Deam-'s introduction

    Welcome to the forums!
  11. Goodyannathan

    Staff with terrible stats

    Hey this is not a staff member, this is the youtube ranked account from one of the external community discord servers, they can use those accounts to host tournaments.
  12. Goodyannathan

    All Networks Replay Mode

    I agree with this, this would be a very cool feature to have on the server! like others said this shouldnt get added if its really hard to make it since i think there are things that are more important to focus on.
  13. Goodyannathan

    Bedrock Level rewards and quests

    Hey, i agree that there should be rewards for leveling up. This has been suggested many times and i really think it will come to cubecraft bedrock in the future!
  14. Goodyannathan

    Bedrock why dont you make uhc

    I think UHC would be cool, its a fun gamemode and no other featured server on bedrock has it as far as i know. However i think its very hard to make it a succesfull gamemode.
  15. Goodyannathan

    aaaa nog gefeliciteerd dark beetje laat dit weer :p

    aaaa nog gefeliciteerd dark beetje laat dit weer :p
  16. Goodyannathan

    Bedrock Add ingame timer to Eggwars teams of 4

    I hope they change this, add a poll maybe?
  17. Goodyannathan

    Escalated Prefixes above head instead of in chat.

    This is a very good suggestion, I hope they add this!
  18. Goodyannathan

    Discord Separated looking-for-a-party

    I agree with this, i feel like a lot of people dont know that the channel looking for a party exists. Hope they add this!
  19. Goodyannathan

    Escalated Send Messages With Official Rules

    Good suggestion, i hope they add something like this!
  20. Goodyannathan

    My introduction

    Hey, welcome to the forums!
  21. Goodyannathan

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  22. Goodyannathan

    Bedrock Add NoDebuff/PotPvP duels

    I would love to see this!
  23. Goodyannathan

    rey's introduction !!

    Hey, welcome to the forums!
  24. Goodyannathan

    Video CubeCraft Montage I made.

    Nice, congrats on 500 subs!
  25. Goodyannathan

    Bedrock 2800 wins

    Congrats, almost 3k!
  26. Goodyannathan

    Bedrock kits

    I personally like that the kits are simple, there not gamechanging they just give you a boost at the start at the game(if you choose builder for example you can rush faster) i like the kits the way they are.
  27. Goodyannathan

    Why cubecraft bedrock is always pushed aside

    In my opinion bedrock is doing really good at the moment, i want to thank all staff and members of the bedrock community for that. However this thread shows that there is still a lot of room for improvement. I think there are a lot of people on the bedrock network that can be staff in the...
  28. Goodyannathan

    Count to 1,000,000

  29. Goodyannathan

    Bedrock Disliked winning effects.

    For most people win effects dont lag, if you dont like your win effect because it lags you turn it off.
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