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  1. LilNugget

    Muted over 3 years ago

    Hello! Hope you're having a good day... you can send in an appeal for your mute here: https://appeals.cubecraft.net , hopefully you've learned your lesson! :) If the staff member is no longer staff on CubeCraft, you must contact the staff manager, AnimalTamer1!
  2. LilNugget

    Java Archer Assault

    Hi friend! It is actually possible to see how many kills you have! When you right click the Archer Assault NPC, in the left hand corner of the inventory box that pops up you can see the statistics button! When you click it, you should see a bow and arrow and a gold ingot... just hover your mouse...
  3. LilNugget

    SkyBlock Idea

    A sell all sign would be really nice! It would be a nice feature to add to a rank rather than a singular, purchasable item. Either way, would be nice to have! :D
  4. LilNugget

    im sad :(

    I'm sorry that happened to you! I just started skyblock and was lucky enough to notice the profile feature before I got very far... however personally I do wish skyblock was totally multiplayer w/o having to be on a certain profile to interact with others.
  5. LilNugget

    All Networks User Profiles

    I do agree that this would be a nice addition and would add friendly competition between friends (allowing them to compare stats and such), however I do agree with Xi Jinping that there should be an option to hide stats from your friends incase you feel as though it is an invasion of gameplay...
  6. LilNugget

    hey!! pm me

    hey!! pm me
  7. LilNugget

    if any of my old friends c this, pm me pleaseee

    if any of my old friends c this, pm me pleaseee
  8. LilNugget

    hi ;o

    hi ;o
  9. LilNugget

    Going on vacation with some friends tomorrow through thursday, won't be active at all. :(

    Going on vacation with some friends tomorrow through thursday, won't be active at all. :(
  10. LilNugget

    im aware loll

    im aware loll
  11. LilNugget


    Parkour was put into maintnence to be fixed up and realeased again, it has been a long time so I don't know when or if it will be coming. Just be patient. :)
  12. LilNugget

    Builds Gyarados Build

    This is suuuuppeerrr nice!!
  13. LilNugget

    Builds Basic room... with a computer...

    This is really good! Have you given any thought to trying to become a buidler for CC?
  14. LilNugget


    Somebody will always find a way to offend somebody. All somebody has to say is "easy" and the server doesn't want to block the normal word "easy" because it is used in regular chat that isn't meant to offend people.
  15. LilNugget

    Game Suggestion - Duel Tournament

    I do like this gamemode, but I know this is ripping it off of another server.
  16. LilNugget

    Where has Parkour gone?

    Question answered... Lock? @Cyan @StorySays @telegamer @zRinne
  17. LilNugget

    Map selection

    I completely understand what you're saying, you dont want to wait for the map that you want to show up because it doesn't always show up quickly. My answer to what you're saying is, that is what a rank is for. Buy it or wait, there's not really anything else to it. You're going to get the same...
  18. LilNugget

    Map selection

    Ok, once again, if you do not want to wait for the map buy a rank. :)
  19. LilNugget

    Map selection

    Map selection gives people a reason to buy a rank, if you want to pick the map you play on, buy a rank. :)
  20. LilNugget

    Forums app

    I dont think its neccesary, I'd rather the staff team work on new games and new updates than an app that will barely change anything.
  21. LilNugget

    Suggestion to add a new Game in Cubecraft:BuildBattel

    Maybe, but I'd much rather see a new, never heard of game be added than one that has been around forever. A game that everyone likes that is found on no other server would create much more attention than one that is on a lot of the big servers.
  22. LilNugget

    Sentinel Report

    If somebody gets mad at another player they could spam it just to be an annoyance. This is not needed and would end up getting removed again just like /report.
  23. LilNugget

    Suggestion to add a new Game in Cubecraft:BuildBattel

    I dont think it would be popular. Too many other servers have it like said above, and why do you 100% think it will be popular again?
  24. LilNugget

    Overpowered Items (EGG WARS)

    This problem gives you a reason to buy a rank so maybe you can help outvote someone.
  25. LilNugget


  26. LilNugget

    love me???

    love me???
  27. LilNugget

    parkour cubecraft

    I joined after parkour was shut down aswell, but it sounds fun. I love that gamemode... just have to stay patient though. :P
  28. LilNugget

    Epic UHC Update

    Sounds like tons of fun!! :D
  29. LilNugget

    New Rank

    Personally I believe the ranks now are just fine, and would rather see them boosted than new ranks added.
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