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  1. Slqyrz

    All Networks Saved Killstreaks

    For those who have to leave a map to avoid a hacker or they can't reach their goal because the map closes, I think people who don't die should keep their killstreak between maps.
  2. Slqyrz

    Keep trying and someday this will be you.

    I only use it when I get combo locked. If you s tap and quickly hold w again or w tap, you can also fall out of it while staying mid-range to get your own hits.
  3. Slqyrz

    Keep trying and someday this will be you.

    Oof yeah. Time goes by fast
  4. Slqyrz

    Keep trying and someday this will be you.

    I've been told that I'm bad at this game for running, s-tapping, etc. Everyone, just be yourself and play your own way ESPECIALLY if you're going for a killstreak and you will still one day be good enough to defeat those who have wronged you. Not even that screenshot is as important as this...
  5. Slqyrz

    Bedrock Piercing clan (only be)

    GSC (The Great Southern Cubekill)
  6. Slqyrz

    Bedrock Piercing clan (only be)

    I already have my own clan but we can be allies
  7. Slqyrz

    Bedrock Piercing clan (only be)

    As a pc player, I honestly feel like mobile players get too much hate. Mods don't see bullying as much as they see hackers and it happens all the time. I'd join if I was good at mobile because I'm tired of these people who think they're tough and will do anything just to be popular.
  8. Slqyrz

    Can bedrock edition be played on the computer just like Java?

    Bedrock is for PC, mobile, xbox, playstation, and switch. You can even add people cross-platform on xbox
  9. Slqyrz

    Bedrock Please add a map reload button in eggwars death menu

    They just need to add a connection timeout for games when that happens
  10. Slqyrz


    Dark mode just looks better on everything
  11. Slqyrz

    Bedrock CubeCraft should ban drag clicking

    Honestly, they should lower the cps limit. If they do that, everything can still be done fairly. 20 cps is all anybody needs. It also feels like everyone has reach now BECAUSE they have high cps and always hit the max distance.
  12. Slqyrz

    All Networks Reach and chat bot for /sr

    Reach isn't part of in-game report reasons but it's in the forums. I always thought they should add that or maybe add the Other option for /sr
  13. Slqyrz

    Other Games Creative

    Does anyone remember Creative from Java? I always thought it was a good place to go whenever I felt burnt out on FFA.
  14. Slqyrz

    Java Bedrock S-Tapping

    Fr tho, I get accused of reach a lot now
  15. Slqyrz

    Bedrock What if the Social Menu told you if your friends were in parties or not?

    If they ever add that, they should also add party join requests too. That way if you wanna play with someone without pulling them from a game, you can join them. I also think they should add a friend join option and they should also add mid-game spectating if you join them during a mini game.
  16. Slqyrz

    Bedrock Win Streaks

    I always thought that. Maybe they could also boost normal XP based on it too.
  17. Slqyrz

    Java Bedrock S-Tapping

    Honestly if you think about it, s-tapping isn't that bad. You can literally combo reset and trade the whole thing. If it annoys everybody, it obviously works lol.
  18. Slqyrz

    Java Bedrock Skyblock Signs

    Can you set signs to work just for Skyblock? I want to be able to label chests to organize items more easily. You could also make it to where it doesn't work for muted players
  19. Slqyrz

    Video Montage

  20. Slqyrz

    Java Bedrock Elytra kit

    I noticed elytras also allow people to dash if they time their jump right. Would a diamond and elytra kit be good for FFA?
  21. Slqyrz

    Bedrock Sky Maps in Bedrock FFA

    I think Bedrock FFA should have sky maps, especially ones with spiraling terrain like the rainbow map from Java.
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