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  2. wheatyl <3

    Question ❓

    I dont think anything can survive it
  3. wheatyl <3

    ty so much <33333

    ty so much <33333
  4. wheatyl <3

    thank you so much <3333

    thank you so much <3333
  5. wheatyl <3

    thank youuu <333333

    thank youuu <333333
  6. wheatyl <3

    Artwork Hoshi's Screenies - Thread #4

    AMAZINGGG, shaders look fire (my house is the best)
  7. wheatyl <3

    All Networks Skyblock more interactive

    Same to be honest, i think skyblock needs an small update to make it more of not just doing quests over and over again.
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  9. wheatyl <3

    Bedrock /p accept accepts most recent invite

    omg yes this would be so much better than having to type their name out
  10. wheatyl <3

    Java Bedrock Tridents in Skywars Chaos!

    very cool idea! i would love to see this added to the game as it would be a great feature for movement and just fun kills.
  11. wheatyl <3

    All Networks Transition screen color

    This would probably be quite hard on the dev side but it sounds like a great suggestions!
  12. wheatyl <3

    Bedrock Competitive parkour needs some love

    I don't know if this is a thing but I feel like completing a race can give you a little cosmetic like a prefix
  13. wheatyl <3

    Well done!!

    Well done!!
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  15. wheatyl <3

    Cubecraft Bedrock's 5th birthday (The complete History + statistics)

    Amazing thread and great work, the feeling of seeing all the old RPGs and minigames was amazing!
  16. wheatyl <3

    Chinese food or Italian food (Weekly poll 32)

    Italian food on top, I like chinese but pizza and pasta are just to good
  17. wheatyl <3

    Artwork Some MORE screenshots (ty for all the support last time <33)

    First of all, Thank you so much for all the nice comments on my first few!! I managed to get some at night this time and I also got a frog! More will be coming. (OLD ONES HERE --> https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/some-screenshots.339590/ ) Love you all, Wheaty
  18. wheatyl <3

    Artwork Some screenshots

    thank you so much :))
  19. wheatyl <3

    Artwork Some screenshots

    I want to try other shaders but I can't seem to get them working, the only one that does it complimentary
  20. wheatyl <3

    I know right, 1 follower, just too popular 😎

    I know right, 1 follower, just too popular 😎
  21. wheatyl <3

    Artwork Some screenshots

    Thank you❤️❤️
  22. wheatyl <3

    Artwork Some screenshots

    Complimentary v4 I think, Which ones do you you use?
  23. wheatyl <3

    Artwork Some screenshots

    I have recently got into Cubecraft screenshots so here are some i've taken so far :) (Any shader recommendation?)
  24. wheatyl <3

    Competitive Parkour Leaderboard

    I could never do that😭
  25. wheatyl <3

    Cubecraft VIP level 30 really expensive

    Yes, although its not just the vip rewards tho, it is also all the ranks and bundles that you have brought to get to it, like the ability to vote in gamemodes, cages, trails, prefixes etc. This contributes to the amount of money you are spending and I think it is definitely worth it.
  26. wheatyl <3

    CubeCraft Birthday Calendar!

    23rd August
  27. wheatyl <3

    What's your favourite music disc?

    Pigstep is easily the best, what a tune when you find it.
  28. wheatyl <3

    Bedrock Enchanted apples

    Yes, i think they could do this by making so that when you purchase something, it doesn’t reset you to the top of the menu.
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