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  1. Ferrcho

    hahahaha, thanks dude

    hahahaha, thanks dude
  2. Ferrcho

    EggWars 7k wins montage

    Wow! Congrats man! You're a good player!
  3. Ferrcho

    Thanks for everything Dudu! I wish you the best! :heart:

    Thanks for everything Dudu! I wish you the best! :heart:
  4. Ferrcho

    Java Bring assasinations back!

    I don't think it will come back, not many people played it and most of the players were hackers.
  5. Ferrcho

    Implemented Bedrock FIX BRIDGE DUELS

    Sorry my bad, I edited the message. I didn't mean that. Thanks for the correction.
  6. Ferrcho

    Implemented Bedrock FIX BRIDGE DUELS

    I agree but I think the respawn time should remain at 3 seconds
  7. Ferrcho

    Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday!!
  8. Ferrcho

    The Future

    The Future
  9. Ferrcho

    MinerWare 2 xp

    I don't like this idea, because the players who have AutoText or AutoGG, have an advantage.
  10. Ferrcho

    Good luck with all! :heart:

    Good luck with all! :heart:
  11. Ferrcho

    SkyWars Teamers in Skywars Solo

    Some staff can lock this thread?
  12. Ferrcho

    All Networks Java A Custom Gamemode

    I like your idea, so, why not do it? I think it can be really cool and maybe the community can have more fun playing these "Customs Gamemodes".
  13. Ferrcho

    All Networks Add invisibility, speed, regeneration, healing, and leaping potions in EggWars

    In my opinion I wouldn't add any of this, since invisibility is too op and regeneration/healing too. Sorry but I vote :disagree:. (Personal Opinion)
  14. Ferrcho

    Video Cubecraft combos montage

    Wow man! Nice combos. You're a good player in PVP
  15. Ferrcho

    Video 10k SkyWars Solo Montage (MCBE)

    Hey! Wow! Nice montage bro. I really enjoyed it.
  16. Ferrcho

    SkyWars Hackers

    It's been a long time since I've find a hacker, this makes me very happy because thanks to Sentinel, mainly Sentinel Developers, it's very difficult for me to find hackers, I can only say to Cube congrats for the very good job.
  17. Ferrcho

    Java Add a new Eggwars 5-/6-player map!

    I'm agree with you, I think Cube should add more maps for 5-6 players, so you can play with more friends and especially different maps, as there are very few maps for 5-6 players.
  18. Ferrcho

    Bedrock Age of the account on the server

    Hola Andro, no puedes saber la primera vez que entraste a este servidor. Ojalá poder saberlo ya que estaría muy bien saber desde cuando apoyas a este gran servidor y juegas en él, pero por desgracia no se puede saber eso. Un Saludo.
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