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  1. Goefy

    CCG Memes

    Are we now just stealing memes bc we’re not original anymore?
  2. Goefy

    Should I Change My Profile Picture?? And What To???

    Jezus christ just ban this pedophile
  3. Goefy

    Weird facts #14

    The British royal family isn’t allowed to play Monopoly as it is too competitive.
  4. Goefy

    Who will win World Cup 2022?

    The Netherlands can come an end.
  5. Goefy

    Weird facts #13

    The largest desert on earth is Antarctica.
  6. Goefy

    Weird facts #12

    There are at least 6 people in the world who look the same as you and you have a 9% chance of meeting one of them.
  7. Goefy

    Weird facts #11

    The filming of the movie Titanic costed more than the ship Titanic itself.
  8. Goefy

    Weird facts #10

    If every person consumed as much as the average American we would need the recourses of 5 earths to survive.
  9. Goefy

    Weird facts #9

    Your lips don’t touch until you say a million when you’re counting.
  10. Goefy

    Weird facts #8

    Iceland is the only country in the world without mosquitoes.
  11. Goefy

    Weird facts #7

    If Bill Gates spends $1 million every day it would take him about 218 years to go broke.
  12. Goefy

    Weird facts #6

    The small European country of Liechtenstein is the only country in the world that only borders landlocked countries (Austria and Switzerland). This means you’ll have to travel through at least 2 countries to reach the open sea.
  13. Goefy

    Weird facts #5

    The survival rate of sticking your head in a particle accelerator is 100% because the only person who did this lived.
  14. Goefy

    Weird facts #4

    Australia is wider than the moon.
  15. Goefy

    Weird facts #3

    In Switzerland it’s illegal to maw your lawn on Sunday as it’s considered too noisy. Washing your car on Sunday is also not allowed in Switzerland as it’s considered too annoying. Lastly hanging clothes out to dry is also illegal as it’s considered too much of an eyesore.
  16. Goefy

    Weird facts #2

    Cigarettes have killed more people in the 20th century than both world wars combined. Don’t smoke.
  17. Goefy

    Die hadden 4-0 gewonnen sws

    Die hadden 4-0 gewonnen sws
  18. Goefy

    Weird facts #1

    A strawberry is not a berry but a banana is.
  19. Goefy

    FC Emmen > Feyenoord

    FC Emmen > Feyenoord
  20. Goefy

    Lasagne date when?

    Lasagne date when?
  21. Goefy


  22. Goefy

    All Networks Why is my ping always bad

    Buy better internet, something like Ziggo
  23. Goefy

    Implemented Stop selling Java ranks

    Java ranks were already a scam but now Java almost died you can’t let kids buy a rank in these expensive times. If you deny this suggestion I might send Alberto Stegeman or Kees van der Spek to your office.
  24. Goefy

    Why i think cubecraft is best featured server

    :doubt: :doubt: :doubt: :doubt: :doubt: :doubt:
  25. Goefy

    Why i hate cubecraft

    Very original
  26. Goefy

    Bedrock Why I should be ranked Helper

    When you start answering with I don’t know you shouldn’t expect something like this.
  27. Goefy

    mods like helpers and mods are bad

    Stop drinking my friend
  28. Goefy

    All Networks Implement servers in San Marino

    San Marino always loses 9-0, play good football first, then we’ll reconsider servers in San Marino
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