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  1. Usurper


    Not enough gamers to fill the queue
  2. Usurper

    Java Event ideas/suggestions

    EggWars Tourney please senpai!
  3. Usurper

    BlockWars What are your honest thoughts on Bridges right now?

    I quit bridge 5s a while ago so can’t voice much of an opinion. Bridge duels on the other hand could be so much fun if it was just given a little bit of TLC. I’m sure there is some overlap in the issues. Stale maps(only 3 in duels) the same bugs that have existed since release(can’t place blocks...
  4. Usurper

    All Networks Add efficiency to pickaxe in Bridge and Bridge Duels

    It’s not a competition, I also play a LOT of bridge. It needs to be just a TAD faster so I can tunnel through the bridge or better develop, or remove a poorly placed block
  5. Usurper

    Why are you like this

    Why are you like this
  6. Usurper

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  7. Usurper

    All Networks Add efficiency to pickaxe in Bridge and Bridge Duels

    Here with a brief suggestion Add efficiency 1 to pickaxes in Bridge and Bridge Duels or change the iron pickaxe to a diamond.
  8. Usurper

    Bedrock Dear CubeCraft, please listen.

    Back in my PlayStation days, certain maps would darn near melt the console
  9. Usurper

    Aratic’s polls and discussions

    I team-wiped red before you even broke an egg L noob gitgud
  10. Usurper

    Bedrock BedWars

    Those pesky germans
  11. Usurper

    Bedrock Netherite Armour will be... strange in overpowered EggWars?

    Right now if someone gets a full diamond set, I know I have to kb them into the void. The KB reduction on netherite will make that nearly impossible
  12. Usurper

    1.19 update fix axe combat

    I agree that it shouldn’t be the ONLY meta. If some clown wants to axe crit me I should be able to wombo him with the sword while he’s waiting for the cooldown. Sword dps is much higher, if they are going to leave axes in, swords should be changed to dia or even sharp dia to even the playing field
  13. Usurper

    Cubecraft community

    What’s your ign? I’ll target you first in games.
  14. Usurper

    All Networks Mature VC for the discord

    I've never encountered anyone who was considered "edgy" tbh 90% of the people I meet in vc are squeakers who definitely shouldn't be around older teens who curse and use vulgarities. They should be learning those words on the playground not from discord. As such there is no way to prevent them...
  15. Usurper

    Bedrock Crystal Pvp

    I agree with what everyone said above. To add to this, if crystal gets its own mode, I would like to see a soup and nodebuff added separately as well, there are many niche communities who deserve to see their game mode get implemented
  16. Usurper

    Fast Bride

    To fast bride you need to find a woman who loves you very much. If you mean bridging, HOLD place block while moving forward and you will start pushing blocks through the ones before. That will start the bridge, now hop on and keep holding place block and you can bridge forever
  17. Usurper

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  18. Usurper

    Survival Games How do you start in Survival Games?

    Loot. Left click. Win.
  19. Usurper

    Bedrock best game/method to earn levels

    Rip. Make friends and get carried thru to4 games
  20. Usurper

    Bedrock Looking for team

    Dm the disc link
  21. Usurper

    Hello community

  22. Usurper

    THE LEVER MYSTERY (i have lots of questions)

    I was trolling when I said there was a reward. I just wanted to see if I could get people to spend hours in the lobbies looking for levers.
  23. Usurper

    THE LEVER MYSTERY (i have lots of questions)

    I said it
  24. Usurper

    Bedrock best game/method to earn levels

    Eggwars is ALWAYS the best choice for XP. 250 per win. If you have a sweaty squad, 4s is best because you can average 250xp in a two minute game. If you don't have any friends, solos is probably the best option.
  25. Usurper

    Bedrock Free for All I'ma be for real here about FFA

    Soup FFA would be nice
  26. Usurper

    🏮🐰 Lunar New Year 2023 Event!

    Temple looks awfully similar to the winter Teams of 4 map Yuki. VERY similar. Also very sad about reusing the old bundle. It was a FLEX on my friends that I had the dragon cage and they didn't. I guess exclusivity doesn't mean much because I can just buy it again next year.
  27. Usurper

    Bedrock Skyblock Optfine

    Pretty sure optifine if for Java?
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