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  1. Enderium

    W movie 10/10

    Just watched Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace (1999) at my local ODEON cinema! W movie tbh. Plan to watch Jurassic Park (1993) next week.
  2. Enderium

    Bedrock Allow ranked players to choose kill, egg destroy etc. messages

    You can choose the egg destroy message on both versions
  3. Enderium

    The New CCGN Wiki on Miraheze

    The new logo is done. Let me know what you guys think:
  4. Enderium

    The New CCGN Wiki on Miraheze

    Here's the wiki: http://ccgn.miraheze.org/
  5. Enderium

    The New CCGN Wiki on Miraheze

    It's been approved, I just need some good wiki editors to help me out. I may make a Discord server but I can't advertise it here.
  6. Enderium

    All Networks xp in cube Craft

    They mean regular XP not VIP
  7. Enderium

    The New CCGN Wiki on Miraheze

    As you may or may not know, last year Camgames1256, the owner of CubeCraft's unofficial Fandom wiki, received a network ban. He continues to show no remorse for his actions, taunting me and CubeCraft in my DMs, calling it a bad network and telling me he doesn't even play Minecraft anymore. I'm...
  8. Enderium

    Ayy 2 years

    Ayy 2 years
  9. Enderium

    Mineplex 2013-2023. You will be remembered.

    After over 10 years since its founding on 24 January 2013, Mineplex has shut down both of its servers and its website. Mineplex's legacy is one not to be ignored. being played by many famous YouTubers over the years, however the rise of Hypixel on Java and a bug-ridden Bedrock server has caused...
  10. Enderium

    POTW #2: Best drink?

    Renamed this series POTW for Poll of the Week and it now uses the same POTWs from my Discord.
  11. Enderium

    3 minutes

    3 minutes
  12. Enderium

    Builds Smite Survival: April 2023

    You rated it 1 star lol
  13. Enderium

    Builds Smite Survival: April 2023

    It's been 9 months since I last played my survival world. Our hiatus lasted between 4th September and 14th March. When I finally returned, I got straight to work, building more and more things, including a New Beacon Tower, a sign with the logo and a massive arch made out of end stone. With...
  14. Enderium

    Chinese food or Italian food (Weekly poll 32)

    Not being racist but Italy has pizza and pasta, both of which are S tier food
  15. Enderium

    Chinese food or Italian food (Weekly poll 32)

    You should honestly make a Discord for this series, y'know for ideas
  16. Enderium

    Let's Talk About the CubeCraft Lobbies!

    I feel the main lobbies are very inactive, EggWars NA 1 is probably more popular than all of them combined
  17. Enderium

    All Networks Remove :k2: from the emoji picker

    If you accept it you can unclog two things at once then
  18. Enderium

    All Networks Remove :k2: from the emoji picker

    The emoji picker is clogged up atm, this one literally has no purpose
  19. Enderium

    All Networks Remove :k2: from the emoji picker

    I haven't said anything about specifying? Can you quote the text you are referring to?
  20. Enderium

    Cubecraft Bedrock's 5th birthday (The complete History + statistics)

    While we celebrate such a monumental achievement, we must remember what we lost. Line Dash and M&M will forever remain in our hearts as some of the best gamemodes on CubeCraft (even though I never played Line Dash and M&M destroyed my frame rate). Line Dash was a cool concept that never came to...
  21. Enderium

    Random polls #1

    Idk just thought this was a good idea
  22. Enderium

    All Networks Remove :k2: from the emoji picker

    There is literally no reason for an identical emoji to exist. And since I know people will disagree for no reason, here are some arguments I have received and my responses (this may be subject to change): Shorter therefore easier to type out If you favourite the emoji you can add it to your...
  23. Enderium

    What's your favourite music disc?

    15 discs, but which is your favourite? Mine is Strad, it's very nostalgic and I first listened to it while playing Legacy Console.
  24. Enderium

    All Networks Allow more cosmetics in Skyblock

    I would give anything to replace these stupid buddies with shoes
  25. Enderium

    Bedrock Auto uwu

    Valo craft
  26. Enderium

    Happy 5th Anniversary CubeCraft!

    We are a couple months overdue for the 10th anniversary of the network
  27. Enderium

    Alright it's time to settle this once and for all, Java or Bedrock?

    Make this same thread on the Discord and you'll get a VERY different result. All because of the age requirement.
  28. Enderium

    BlockWars What are your honest thoughts on Bridges right now?

    I'm working on a video about the current state of Bridges and I wanna know the things you like and dislike about Bridges at the moment and whether you think Bridges is dying, and I'll merge them all in one video and decide whether Bridges is dying or not. Please try to type more, as that gives...
  29. Enderium

    Bedrock Give 100 xp in blockwars (pls)

    I think their reasoning was how easy it is to win Bridges, however in nerfing the XP they just contributed to the game's downfall.
  30. Enderium

    Java Bedrock Elytra Maps Free For All (FFA)

    I genuinely do not understand why half the agrees are likes
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