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  1. Stijnnn_

    Cubecraft community

    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your time around here.
  2. Stijnnn_

    Give me a Minerware challenge

    Minerware without moving! (Ofc you can look around you, just not move in any direction) ~ Im not sure if its possible, but atleast its a real challenge!
  3. Stijnnn_

    What makes you happy?

    @Hoshi makes me happy! Also pandas, especially baby pandas. Most baby animals infact! Music and games is also something that can sometimes make me feel more happy, so its worth a mention. What about you?
  4. Stijnnn_

    Hoshi’s Polls & Discussions - #6

    ➜ Yes, you! ➜ Compilations ➜ 10 minutes ➜ You
  5. Stijnnn_

    Rebrand to RhombicosidodecahedronCraft

    Next April fools. Much better than triangle craft
  6. Stijnnn_

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  7. Stijnnn_

    Bring Java duels back!

    Hi! Cubecraft is currently downscaled since theyre working on a big update. You can find out more about the update here
  8. Stijnnn_

    Java Bring back assassinations man what are u guys doing x_x

    Afaik assassinations was deleted before the downscaling
  9. Stijnnn_

    Java Bring back assassinations man what are u guys doing x_x

    30 players isn't worth it to keep a server up, especially since like I said, it doesn't bring up any earnings.
  10. Stijnnn_

    Java Bring back assassinations man what are u guys doing x_x

    I don’t think it would be smart, since the playcount was low during all times of the day. Also, it didn’t bring up any money, and since cube is a company itd just be a big loss to keep the assassinations servers running.
  11. Stijnnn_

    Bedrock Add Housing like Hypixel

    I don’t think this would fit in the cubecraft games assortiment, also, like Hoshi said; Copying / recreating other servers gamemodes can cause a lot of hate towards a server, especially if it’s a big server like cubecraft.
  12. Stijnnn_

    Java How do you differentiate between auto-clicking and dragclicking

    Autoclicking is very constant, drag clicking is more timing and has small pauses inbetween. Usually it is very clear what’s cheating and what isn’t.
  13. Stijnnn_

    You're cute uwu

    You're cute uwu
  14. Stijnnn_

    Introduction of Mr Jii Gamer

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time around here.
  15. Stijnnn_

    I got back to MC again

    Welcome back! Make sure to have fun!!
  16. Stijnnn_

    Hoshi's Polls & Discussions - #5

    ➜ I wouldnt know! I think somewhere around 2019, if not earlier. ➜ Both, but mainly bedrock atm. ➜ I play casually, usually just vibing to music, though I might come across as sweat. ➜ Minerware bc minerware p.s. I'm on my phone rn, so can't access my screens!
  17. Stijnnn_

    Fast Bride

    Are you on bedrock or on java?
  18. Stijnnn_


  19. Stijnnn_

    All Networks Searchbar for loot

    It sounds quite useful, especially if you're in a party and only have a small timeframe for example. I think it should be implemented!
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  21. Stijnnn_

    Thanks for the follow! 🐼

    Thanks for the follow! 🐼
  22. Stijnnn_

    Make a big event that everyone can join soon (Idea)

    Hi! Please don't make duplicated threads, also, you can make suggestions in the Feedback & Suggestions subrforum here
  23. Stijnnn_

    How dare you.

    How dare you.
  24. Stijnnn_

    Survival Games How do you start in Survival Games?

    I usually rush mid, get as much stuff as possible, and then chase a person for a free kill early on.
  25. Stijnnn_

    Just here introducing myself

    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your time around here c:
  26. Stijnnn_

    I got my 4000th bridges win!

  27. Stijnnn_

    Skyblock Make the skyblock rank more usefull

    Hi! You can write suggestions in the suggestion subforum here, rather than in the game's subforum.
  28. Stijnnn_

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the forums! I hope you'll enjoy your time around here!
  29. Stijnnn_

    Congrats Lyra, you're pro!!! I hope you stay staffmember for a long time! 🧡

    Congrats Lyra, you're pro!!! I hope you stay staffmember for a long time! 🧡
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