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  1. Fainted_Beast

    Java Bedrock Mushroom Parkour

    I agree. The parkour is really easy, even without the jump boost. Maybe removing the effect will make this aspect of the game more challenging.
  2. Fainted_Beast

    Count to 1,000,000

  3. Fainted_Beast

    Video The wiki Carries me to a Win

    Damn how many tries did it take
  4. Fainted_Beast

    MinerWare I got the max points in minerware

    Ya same here :despair: Its painful tho
  5. Fainted_Beast

    Parkour The most atrocious parkour level ever

    Damn I wish I was that good 😂
  6. Fainted_Beast

    ✨Minecraft all around player and enjoyer✨

    ✨Minecraft all around player and enjoyer✨
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