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    Open is this person trolling?

    ok, so I was playing eggwars and this for some reason all but one of my teammates left and it was a 2v1 with and oponent without an egg. the person was bad at pvp but had diamond armour so I couldnt kill him, but for some reason all my teammate was doing was breaking the bridge. he was...
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    All Networks cubecraft wikipedia

    I have just recently realised that there is no cubecraft wikipedia. Cubecraft is the best server in Minecraft but for some reason doesn't have a wikpedia site. ok, this isn't the most important thing in the world but if there are people here who knows how to create a wikipedia site and knows a...
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    is the imposible parkour imposible

    I was playing cubecraft annd doing the imposible parkour in the parkour lobby, just curious did anyone ever beat it?
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    Resolved i just got kicked for "flying"

    umm, ok, thanks.
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    Resolved how to global chat whilst in a party?

    I was playing with my friend and was in a party but I couldn't send a global chat even with the ! command, I think it sent to my team but it didnt send to the whole game. what is the command for this?
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    🤝 Partner Programme - Supporting you on your creative journey! 💜

    like I mean there is no minimum requirments, but like there are some requirments right? like I mean cubecraft unless everyone gets accepted there are gonna be some requirments right? what are the requirments? (for youtube specifically)
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    Video MoneyWars Montage

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    🤝 Partner Programme - Supporting you on your creative journey! 💜

    wait, I have a question, I see that people like privqted have got a partner sign but like my real name and my yt channel name isnt I hate hackers. so if I get the partner will this account have a tag? also I am a ytuber but like if I fail to get parter (hopefully not) but just in case, can I...
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    Resolved i just got kicked for "flying"

    i was just playing cubecraft 1 min ago and I got kicked for "flying" my ign is RoomiestBeet704 and I never hack can you check what happened and explain why this happened? also reverse this because I did not hack look at replays or...
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    All Networks Put (slightly) more focus on suggestions again

    I don't think that 25 agrees is possible looking at the past like 100 suggestions, the only one that got "implemented is relatednoob's suggestion and that is only because he is a youuber and famous. I mean, it was a good idea, but there were lots and lots of other posts which had the same idea...
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    Bedrock return the birthday map in eggwars teams of 4

    i know this topic is already here, but it is all like 6 months old so here we go again. pls return the birthday map to eggwars teams of four, I know it has been rebuilt into celebration which is currently my 4th favorite map which is not bad, but compared to my 1st favorite map birthday it is...
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    Video I played Egg/MoneyWars with the best Players in the world (mega)

    thanks, just started around 2 years ago
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    All Networks ban share

    yeah, but the point is if they get banned from cubecraft they can join other servers and hack on them multiplying the ban effort. so maybe just the major servers who are "official minecraft partners" and just curious, how do you kill a person who is just flying around
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    All Networks ban share

    ok, maybe not perm ban but at least like 3 year bans, and im pretty sure the banning system is only for the chat and swearing. but seriously if a hacker hacks on somewhere like hive and gets banned, it will probably just switch to somewhere like cubecraft and hack again to get banned again then...
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    All Networks ban share

    i just encoutered a hacker like rn so im really mad so just wanted to make this suggestion. cubecraft, can you collab with other servers so that hackers that hacked on other survers will be also banned for life in cubecraft? because just the thought of those things getting into other servers and...
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    Resolved report but i dont have video evidence

    I am 100% sure of this fly and kill aura hacking thing it was litterally flying around. unfortunately i didnt record and dont remember the whole username but it was something like sentinal(some number) or setinal(some numebr) it was like 20 min ago so hopefully that thing is still online, i did...
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    Video new controls in minecraft pocket edition

    filmed in the cubecraft server so I guess I can do some shameless self advertisesing here
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    Video moneywars with a friend

    go to youtube, and search prestonplayz moneywars (don't worry he wasn't cringe back then)
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    Video moneywars with a friend

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