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  1. xNoah

    One Word Story

  2. xNoah

    Happy birthday

    Not my birthday But thank youu 😂
  3. xNoah

    My introduction uwu

    Welcome to the forums, Jay ! :)
  4. xNoah

    My introduction

    helloo! My name is Noah, I'm a longtime minecraft player. I've been playing Minecraft for nearly 10 years. My favorite cubecraft gamemode is arena and I usually play that daily! [Even though I totally suck 😂] I'm pretty new to cubecraft and I hope to grow here and see this place as my home...
  5. xNoah

    Bedrock CubeCraft 10 Years Bundle

    That would actually be great
  6. xNoah

    Video We Became Robin Hood in Skywars!

    I love it! You're a very fun person to watch. I can tell there was a lot of effort put into the video!
  7. xNoah

    Which is the best server?

    I'd say Cubecraft. constantly updating, great gamemodes etc.
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