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  1. rilojo47

    Video Styling on a Hacker

    Skip to 5:54 for outplay!
  2. rilojo47

    Video Solo in Duos(Eggwars)

  3. rilojo47

    Video Eggwars 9!

  4. rilojo47

    Video I killed a Fly Hacker!

  5. rilojo47

    Video Am I a hacker(not really)!

  6. rilojo47

    Video Killing cross teamers

  7. rilojo47

    Video This is what had been happening lately!

    I don’t mean to attack CubeCraft. I just figured I had to point this out. If this doesn’t get fixed it might/ if not really hurt them. I have asked my friends if they have had the same problems and they agreed. I just want the CubeCraft I know to be back. So please find a way to fix this!
  8. rilojo47

    All Networks Lag Gameplay

    Is it just me or has the server been more laggy then normal. Like I seem to be fighting so many google slide shows lately it’s insane. I think CubeCraft is pushing what the server provider they use can do, and need to upgrade or do something because all my friends are having the same issues. Has...
  9. rilojo47

    Video We win really fast!

  10. rilojo47

    Video Another Eggwars win!

  11. rilojo47

    Video Eggwars but I clutch

  12. rilojo47

    Video Hacker beaten

  13. rilojo47

    Video Record broken

    I took 8th on CubeCraft leaderboard in 5 kills.
  14. rilojo47

    Video Hackers don’t win!

  15. rilojo47

    Video Pls sub, I play MC!

  16. rilojo47

    I don’t know what to put here.

    My name is RiloJo. I play MC CubeCraft a lot and am a great player. I also post videos on YouTube. (RiloJo) I have been posting for a few months but little action has happened. So this is a way to put myself out into the community some more. I am amazing at Eggwars and Bridge. I also am ok at...
  17. rilojo47

    Video I play games cause I’m bored!

  18. rilojo47

    Video Eggwars, but all I use is a pickaxe

    I used a sword at the end but that’s it.
  19. rilojo47

    Video Pls sub- I make content

  20. rilojo47

    Bedrock Eggwars New Bow

    This isn’t like a big deal. Just would make the game more fun to flame bow a enemy. And in OP mode you can use it to beat down the opponents armor if it turns into one of those fights.
  21. rilojo47

    Discord Help

    I didn’t know where to put this at so I just went this suggestions. But I am trying to make friends on docked to play with them in the CubeCraft discord but it won’t let me type. Is there a time limit you need to be there for and something I have to do in order to talk?
  22. rilojo47

    All Networks Survival Games Fix

    I’m sure other people mentioned this to. But they need to fix spawning in survival games and make it that nobody gets stuck in the waiting area. Fr tho, some weird fights have happened in them.
  23. rilojo47

    All Networks New game suggestion

    I doubt this will pass but one of my favorite games is MiniWalls. I used to play it years ago and would love to see it return. I hope this is at least looked into. I know the staff is really busy so just keep up the good work!
  24. rilojo47

    Bedrock Chest fix

    I think they should have a in fight mode added so if you get attacked you can’t open chest anymore. Cause I have died so many times opening a chest on accident in a fight. Or a furnace, crafting table, even a anvil one time. And I think have it that you can’t open that open within a certain time...
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