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    Bedrock Please add more games to bedrock

    Omg yes! Also I only joined a couple months ago and I kept seeing stuff they are adding to java edition on their Twitter and that they weren't adding as much stuff to bedrock so that's why I begged for this and as for the discord bit I didn't even know they had a discord server I'll definitely...
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    🎁👀 Gifts on Bedrock - Surprise your friends!

    Smh i thought this was going to be the bedrock version of the java advent calendar just please add an advent calendar
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    Bedrock Please add more games to bedrock

    Please for the love of God add more stuff to bedrock I got so hyped for the among slimes gamemode and I waited patiently for the bedrock release but it never came. I also saw that java has an advent calendar so you get free stuff everyday but in bedrock there is nothing like that, I'm just very...
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