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  1. rilojo47

    Video Styling on a Hacker

    Skip to 5:54 for outplay!
  2. rilojo47

    Video Solo in Duos(Eggwars)

  3. rilojo47

    Video Eggwars 9!

  4. rilojo47

    Video I killed a Fly Hacker!

  5. rilojo47

    Video Am I a hacker(not really)!

    Sure, I can’t today but I can tomorrow around like 5pm central
  6. rilojo47

    Video Am I a hacker(not really)!

    Nah, is a speed bridge glitch where you will make fake blocks on your screen. They should patch it but it is still here
  7. rilojo47

    Video Am I a hacker(not really)!

  8. rilojo47

    Video Killing cross teamers

  9. rilojo47

    Video I Got BANNED From Cubecraft...? (A great video for Cubecraft mods to watch)

    I think this guy has like a bunch of accounts he just spams on. Like I think he has one named joe lee. Just ignore him, he just want to make it look like he is really active in the community.
  10. rilojo47

    Video This is what had been happening lately!

    Nope, North America, and ran many internet test and my wifi runs fine. I just think with the new game mode if a lot of people are on at a time is really tears down the server.
  11. rilojo47

    Video This is what had been happening lately!

    I don’t mean to attack CubeCraft. I just figured I had to point this out. If this doesn’t get fixed it might/ if not really hurt them. I have asked my friends if they have had the same problems and they agreed. I just want the CubeCraft I know to be back. So please find a way to fix this!
  12. rilojo47

    All Networks Lag Gameplay

    Is it just me or has the server been more laggy then normal. Like I seem to be fighting so many google slide shows lately it’s insane. I think CubeCraft is pushing what the server provider they use can do, and need to upgrade or do something because all my friends are having the same issues. Has...
  13. rilojo47

    Video We win really fast!

  14. rilojo47

    Video Another Eggwars win!

  15. rilojo47

    Video Eggwars but I clutch

  16. rilojo47

    Video Hacker beaten

    I did send a friend request tho
  17. rilojo47

    Video Hacker beaten

    I also can’t find you, I tried both number and name. Idk why it is like this
  18. rilojo47

    Video Hacker beaten

    I looked you up, didn’t find the discord
  19. rilojo47

    Video Hacker beaten

    He is already banned guys, report him the sec I uploaded
  20. rilojo47

    Video Hacker beaten

    Uh wut, I didn’t camp, my teammate kinda did. And I cut this game as short as I could, the anti kB was a cowarding player.
  21. rilojo47

    Video Hacker beaten

  22. rilojo47

    Video Record broken

    I took 8th on CubeCraft leaderboard in 5 kills.
  23. rilojo47

    All Networks Obsidian Rank Perk - Ability too add a lead to lower player ranks

    Man obi rank sounds like amazing content, when they adding it. Also they should have a bedrock rank, for all the top players on bedrock edition. So they can flex how amazing they are.
  24. rilojo47

    Video Hackers don’t win!

  25. rilojo47

    Video Pls sub, I play MC!

  26. rilojo47

    Bedrock Why don't block breaking and player kill drop the block/inventory?

    That’s is what the void is for, so we can get rid of useless stuff, and dead enemies loot.
  27. rilojo47

    I don’t know what to put here.

    My name is RiloJo. I play MC CubeCraft a lot and am a great player. I also post videos on YouTube. (RiloJo) I have been posting for a few months but little action has happened. So this is a way to put myself out into the community some more. I am amazing at Eggwars and Bridge. I also am ok at...
  28. rilojo47

    Video I play games cause I’m bored!

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