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  1. MyBee

    All Networks Leaderboards

    Hey there, Ive got a little suggestion. Obviously, you have leaderboards at every minigame. But, these leaderboards are very hidden, you have to go trough several clicks to be able to see it. Wouldnt it be a cool idea to have a special section for e.g. holograms that project these leaderboards...
  2. MyBee

    MyBee's introduction! :)

    Hello everyone! I'm MyBee! I've been around on cubecraft for quite a while but never been really involved in the community. I play mostly minerware because I love that every minerware game is different and I'm not much of a pvp'er. I'm actually on the minerware leaderboard too, so there's a...
  3. MyBee

    Removing Fly through hoops because of chunks

    Hello, Always when i play the boss game fly through hoops, i get like max 20 then my chunks stop loading and i cant go further. I know this is a issue that many players have, i also know its been said countless times, but the only reaction to that is: Its just a large area to load. We cannot...
  4. MyBee

    The stupid minerware bug

    I have been playing minerware for a while now (im pretty good at it hihihihi) but the bug that you cant craft anything on "build a golem", "build a crafting table" and the dressup bug on "Dress like the mannequins" is really starting to annoy me. I have the bug 9/10 times. its litterally rare...
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