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  1. Exarpo

    🌷🥚 Spring 2021 - Brand NEW Spring Adventure!

    Epic is all I have to say.
  2. Exarpo

    Count till staff interrupts!

    No way you got 111, gg. also... 0
  3. Exarpo

    I'm fine too :)

    I'm fine too :)
  4. Exarpo

    Bedrock Winstreak board?

    I have been wanting this feature for so long, yes please! Not saying I would get a good score but It would be cool to see what other people accomplish xd. I see you tagged it with 'Bedrock' but I think this would be a good idea on Java aswell. Also add a poll please :)
  5. Exarpo

    Count till staff interrupts!

    😏 guess who's back
  6. Exarpo

    Count till staff interrupts!

    I don't know.
  7. Exarpo

    Count till staff interrupts!

    7... oh right I'm staff oops
  8. Exarpo

    How you doing?

    How you doing?
  9. Exarpo

    Builds Feedback On Our BlockWars Map!

    That looks great! :D Like the changes a lot. One last thing I'd change; That area looks kind of boring as it is the same type of block everywhere, not sure what blocks I'd add in, but probably just any sort of variation.
  10. Exarpo

    Java Traiding System For Duplicate Cubelets

    Why can't you lose the item? You lose an item in exchange for another item...
  11. Exarpo

    Builds Feedback On Our BlockWars Map!

    Nice map overall, I'd just like if there was something more on the outside. The space in front of the building is pretty empty. Maybe make some kind of path on the ground leading to the building or something. Good work though I like it :D
  12. Exarpo

    Java Traiding System For Duplicate Cubelets

    Yes please! I'm kind of a business man so I would really love this to be added. I prefer option 1 over option 2, option 2 seems kind of wrong because cubelets are supposed to be based around luck and the excitement to see what you get, a shop would be boring in my opinion. I really like option 1...
  13. Exarpo

    Music & You 🎸

    No Mercy by The Living Thombstone :)
  14. Exarpo

    Music & You 🎸

    Loving the playlist, really glad you made this :D. Some songs I'd like to be added: 1. No Mercy 2. RE:RUN (Original Game Soundtrack) 3. 7 Years
  15. Exarpo

    Count to 1,000,000

  16. Exarpo

    Java Leveling and It's Purpose

    For me, the number on my screen is enough to keep me inspired to level up. Though it would be nice with some form of reward for certain level milestones.
  17. Exarpo

    Count to 1,000,000

  18. Exarpo

    All Networks FFA map choosing

    Choosing maps in any game is a feature for people who own a rank, and is probably going to stay this way. Also I don't think it's a good idea to make map-choosing available for everyone only in one specific game. If you really dislike the map, you can just leave and rejoin, there shouldn't be a...
  19. Exarpo


    I don't think they should reset the leaderboards, people have grinded thousands of wins, you can't just make them start over in my opinion. I'd love a monthly/weekly leaderboard though!
  20. Exarpo

    All Networks Un-fix the enchanted golden apples

    I think notch gapples were a bit overpowered this way, especially considering they only cost 10 diamonds. Basically almost doubling(tripling in half health) your health for 2minutes for just 10 diamonds is too much especially when you can restore it using just a normal gapple. I'd say they being...
  21. Exarpo

    Escalated Add "don't share your appeal code" reminder to the ban screen

    How would they know that if it doesn't tell them on the ban screen? Sure, it is their own problem, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't help them. We don't want people getting in trouble, especially if they didn't know that what they did can get them into trouble. I think this should be implemented.
  22. Exarpo

    Java Among Slimes - Voting & Impostor Selection

    Would be kinda cool tho ngl ☺️
  23. Exarpo

    🗳️🎁 Voting Revamp!

    I love it! Good job 😍
  24. Exarpo

    Java Show Points Earned After Your Game Ends

    Yes that's actually a great idea! I'd like to see that in-game. Maybe it could say how many points you from each action when you hover over the total value, example: ---------------------- ● Kills: 2 (12 points) ● Eggs Broken: 2 (24 points) ----------------------
  25. Exarpo

    Java Among Slimes - Voting & Impostor Selection

    Yes! Any options to vote on in Among Slimes would be great.
  26. Exarpo


  27. Exarpo

    Thanks for da follow c:

    Thanks for da follow c:
  28. Exarpo

    Bedrock Give people a reason to attack eggs

    Okay so I don't think that breaking eggs should award one with better gear than can be bought with diamonds and emeralds. Think about it, you rush after the start of the game, you break let's say 3 eggs and 3 minutes into the game you have better gear than you could get for camping on a diamonds...
  29. Exarpo

    Bedrock Bring back the Efficiency X Pickaxe

    I'd say efficiency 8 is enough, the time it takes to mine obsidian with Eff 8 is short enough.
  30. Exarpo

    Escalated Assassination needs an update! ⚔️

    Even though I don't really play assassinations a lot, I may start doing so if there was an update :D. I like most of the things but with some slight changes: - Make the protection of the enchanted Diamond set Protection 1, I just feel like protection 2 is a lot for this game. - I love the idea...
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