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  1. KingMathc36

    Bedrock Private games with a tolerance if the player has less than 100 ping

    Add all modes to a separate category, where only players with a ping less than 100 will be allowed. So that it is not uncomfortable and fairer to play to players who have a normal ping.
  2. KingMathc36

    Denied Paid unban

    My idea is to add the function of buying a paid account to the site. Because interest in the game is lost if the old account goes into a lifetime ban, which cannot be removed in any way. With a paid razban, the player has the opportunity to continue playing on this account, and the project has a...
  3. KingMathc36

    Bedrock Remove explosive chests LuckyIslands

    in lucky islands there is such a thing as chests that explode. Everything seemed to be nothing. But one fact pisses me off during battles - players without resources just pick them up and go with them. They find the target, put the chest as close to it as possible and open it from a distance of...
  4. KingMathc36

    Bedrock lucky wars map narrowing

    Hello. The idea today is simple: add map shrinkage to the Lucky Wars minigame. Since I often meet with campers who can dig in and it’s almost impossible to find them without breaking the whole map or they won’t find themselves.
  5. KingMathc36

    Bedrock minerware delete boss-game Hook the mob

    Hello. I play a lot of games on minerware and noticed a problem - boss game 15 in a row in minerware called hook the mobs repels players to play it. Namely: too much time is given and catching mobs is already boring when only half the timer has passed. At the end of the game, there are 4 players...
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