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  1. BramTijger

    Verbramdt's re-introduction

    Who am I? Hello! As the Dutchies amongst us might guessed already by my in-game name, I'm Bram! I'm currently 20 years old, and I live as said before in The Netherlands and to be more specific North-Brabant, and live with my mother, my 2 sisters, and a really cute doggo. I've been playing for...
  2. BramTijger

    All Networks Friend list revamp

    Hello CubeCraft Community! As you all might know the current friends system has been on for quite a few years now, if it hasn't been since the beginning of the server, only the thing that bothers me sometimes is that the current system is really messy/unorganized, especially for players with...
  3. BramTijger

    Discord Plus Rank

    I'm not sure if this already has been suggested before, so sorry if it has been forwarded/planned/denied before. But it has come to my attention I'm not able to share my screen or turn my camera on in calls, unless I'm a server booster, so the suggestion in this might be clear already: Give...
  4. BramTijger

    Java Featured Games

    Hello, Some of the older players would probally know some of the games, mentioned in this thread: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/history-of-cubecraft-gamemodes.244863/. Alot of games got removed in the past years, even though that some games where quite fun to play, personally I liked...
  5. BramTijger

    Count till staff interrupts! (But different)

    This time, the staff have to count, and the players can interrupt them, just for a little payback for this: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/count-till-staff-interrupts.223745/ So basically point of this forum game is too count, try to get as high as possible without a player interrupting, for...
  6. BramTijger

    [JAVA] Golden Spoils

    Hello SkyBlock Players! I was wondering, since it's already takes a while for me to get this challenge, what is best way to actually complete the quest: Golden Spoils (Gain 50 Gold Ingots and 500 Golden Ingots from Zombie Pigmens in the Nether). This how my 'spawner' looks like: (See...
  7. BramTijger


    I'm not sure if I have to suggest it on this sub-forum. But my idea is: Make it possible to kick players from your Skyblock Island with just 1 command: /skyblock [profiles] kick (player)
  8. BramTijger

    Java Obsidian

    Hello CubeCraft Community! If I look through the forums, there are some posts that Obsidian is currently overpriced for the perks you get, and I agree. (I'm currently an Obsidian Ranked Player). Some of the players think, you buy a rank on the server to support it, and the perks you get from it...
  9. BramTijger

    All Networks Compromised Account bans

    Hello! I've had the suggestion to handle the bans for "Compromised Accounts" diffrent then before. The whole reason behind this is: - The person that hacked your Minecraft Account can just easily go to the Appeals Section, fill in the username, en getting unbanned by filling in the Appeal...
  10. BramTijger

    Swampland [JAVA]

    I'm currently on the island Swampland on Skyblock, but I don't really know how to fix that island, it's full of mobs and I can't destroy the spawners, how did you guys clean this island?
  11. BramTijger

    Java Prefixes

    Hello CubeCraft Community! I had the suggestion for the Obsidian/Plus rank, that you could get your own prefix, at this point there are many players that thinks "Obsidian is really high in price for what you get.", atleast, that's what I understand in some posts. Maybe, if the Obsidian rank...
  12. BramTijger


    Hello, I have a problem, I can't send any messages anymore in the CubeCraft Discord because I've accidentally set my phone details on another Discord Account, I've checked the FAQ of Discord, and I found in that thread I had to delete my account or add another existing number to the account...
  13. BramTijger

    Bedrock Solo Games

    Hello, Everytime if I play on the Bedrock server of cubecraft there is one thing that annoys me a little bit: If you are in a party, you can't join a solo game of SkyWars (and I don't know if this also is in EggWars), I would like it if we get the possibility to join solo games because we do...
  14. BramTijger

    All Networks TeamSpeak

    Hello, A long time ago CubeCraft had a TeamSpeak, and I don't really know why they removed it, probally because of the fact that Discord was created and more populair. But, I like it more to talk on TS with some people than Discord, because if I'm in a Discord Call my voice and the voice of my...
  15. BramTijger

    Java Party's

    Hello CubeCrafters, There is 1 part on the current party system really annoying, and that is that if you go to the lobby your party members will go with you, so my suggestion is: If the party leader goes to the lobby, let the players in the game they're playing so that 1 of them can open...
  16. BramTijger

    My Introduction after a long time.

    Hello everyone! My name is Bram, I'm currently 18 years old, and my ingame name is Verbramdt, and I live in The Netherlands/Amsterdam. I joined the CubeCraftGames Network in 2015-2016, I can't remember myself when it was, maybe some of the 'OG' players to call it may not know me because of my...
  17. BramTijger

    Java Legacy

    Hello CubeCraft Players! Some of you guys may remember the old times of CubeCraft (1.7/1.8) with the old maps and loot of the chests. I really liked the game at that way, and if I look now, I'm happy if I get a sharpness 2 with fire aspect 2 sword with Overpowered Chests. I also miss a few old...
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