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  1. 4Moonlightt

    Java Quake Craft kill/death text

    Hey there, Whenever I play quake craft (so whenever it is available) it annoys me that whenever you kill someone or die you get this huge text in the middle of your screen saying who you killed or who killed you. It is not really the biggest deal just gets annoying sometimes. The message of who...
  2. 4Moonlightt

    Java Kits change depending on gamemode

    Hey there, I have had this suggestion on my mind for a bit now. I don't know if this has ever been suggested before I was not able to find it. So kits changing depending on what game mode the game is. In the kits menu you get the ability to choose a kit for the different game modes (basic...
  3. 4Moonlightt

    All Networks change terracotta to concrete

    There already is a thread like this for bedrock but this would be a nice change for both platforms. Changing the stained terracotta in the shops for the colored concrete would give us more vibrant and nicer colors in my opinion. I just wanted to make a suggestion about this to see how others...
  4. 4Moonlightt

    Video [Deleted]

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