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  1. swabl

    Why I love Capitan

    @Capitan is the best, he did /pardon on my homedawg @Jukaido‼️@Capitan defo a real one frfr💯 @Jukaido promises not to use killaura, reach, autoclicker, hitbox, invis texturepack, lagswitch, safewalk or scaffold anymore:doubt:
  2. swabl

    Why CaptainGato is the best admin

    I really like CapitanGato, he is really active and does all my spanish report :D. He doesnt get people banned because they were toxic or/ try to find a reason to ban someone just because hes mad at them. CapitanGato also seems to handle reports really quickly and it really shows that he cares...
  3. swabl

    Ping worse than it should be

    My ping is supose to be 9:doubt:but for some reason its 80:despair:on the Cubecraft:banter:servers (Java). How do I fix this:kermitworry:? It would help me in my 1v1 against Jukaido:pride:(The man with reach and hitbox). I am actually really good at the game but its only ping that makes me...
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