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  1. Cursedpug89

    Video Skywars funny moments #2

    Let me know what you think.
  2. Cursedpug89

    Video Skywars Funny Moments

    Let me know what you think.
  3. Cursedpug89

    Video Skywars But Vr Makes me want to die

    Give me your thoughts this definitely isn’t one of my best and the music feels too loud but give me your thoughts
  4. Cursedpug89

    Video Minecraft Skywars but Healing is for losers

    Tell me what you think.
  5. Cursedpug89

    Video Skywars Manhunt But I have a bodyguard

    Opinions would be great
  6. Cursedpug89

    Video Cubecraft Moments

    Tell me what you think.
  7. Cursedpug89

    Video Cubecraft Skywars But I'm a Street fighter

    Opinions and Thoughts would greatly be appreciated!
  8. Cursedpug89

    Video Skywars But I'm Being Hunted

    Tell me what you think pls.
  9. Cursedpug89

    Video The wiki Carries me to a Win

    Feedback would be nice
  10. Cursedpug89

    Video Cubecraft Into the Spiderverse

  11. Cursedpug89

    Video Spring Update and honest thoughts

  12. Cursedpug89

    Video The Spring Event is Here! Cubenews

    This is my first attempt at a video like this so feedback on how I could improve on these kinds of videos would be great!
  13. Cursedpug89

    Video We're The Worst Chefs In Cubecraft Skywars Hell's Kitchen

    Feedback Would be nice.
  14. Cursedpug89

    Video Me and My friends Did a Survival Games tournament

    Let me know what you think and feedback would be nice
  15. Cursedpug89

    Video Trapping with anvil

    Feedback please
  16. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Win Effect Idea

    So Back in I believe 2020 we got a Win effect called Santa Sleigh. this win effect. Basically when you win the game it transport you into a sleigh and you get to fly off in it. I don't know if you ever plan on making a win effect like it again but I think any kind of win effect like it would be...
  17. Cursedpug89

    Video Into Cubecraft Skywars Duos

    feedback is needed
  18. Cursedpug89

    Video Some elite Trapping Clips

    Feedback would be great.
  19. Cursedpug89

    Video Why knockback swords are my favourite

    If you got feedback i'm always glad to hear it.
  20. Cursedpug89

    Video Gaming the Snowman Winter Games Fun

    If you could give me feedback on how well you like this video that would be great
  21. Cursedpug89

    Video Stream sniping My friend Oneshot

  22. Cursedpug89

    Video Channel Trailer

    Let me know how effective this was at actually causing you too want to check out my other content
  23. Cursedpug89

    question about a video

    I have a channel Trailer and well cubecraft isn't the main focus of the video it is still featured in the video is quite a few clips would that be allowed to be posted in creations or no because it's not entirely themed around cubecraft
  24. Cursedpug89

    Video 100IQ Holiday Traps

  25. Cursedpug89

    Resolved how do I report a Bedrock player on the forms?

    How do i report on forms I have the evidence but it won't let me make a form to submit my report for bedrock player
  26. Cursedpug89

    Video Reflexes traps are so much fun.

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