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  1. Fexiny

    Implemented Small change for Emergency Meeting.

    Hi, So you all know the new minigame 'Among Slimes'. It's great for sure! But there is a thing that can be added hopefully, As following: If there is a Emergency Meeting you can vote for people but you can't see who voted already. Sometimes it takes quite long for people to vote, so it would...
  2. Fexiny

    Escalated Assasinations Minimap

    Heya, So I was playing some Assasinations lately and I noticed something; In Assasinations there are shops for different things, like for instance armour, weapons and food. These shops are located on different spots on the map. They play a big role in the assasinations gameplay, they also give...
  3. Fexiny

    Java Get the win if your team wins, even you died.

    Hi CubeCrafters, I and Finixly recently noticed that once your team wins in Team Lucky Islands and you died, you don't get the win. This also happens in Battle Zone and Survival Games. We want to see this changed! First of all: For Eggwars and Skywars you do get the win. Why not for the other...
  4. Fexiny

    Java NPC's

    Maybe we need some new NPC's to see in the lobby? That would be nice to see and the looks are better:laughing: . We got that NPC's sinds the-big-change, I guess the NPC's can look much cooler. Maybe with a ''Summer Theme''? Or change each ''Big Season'' Halloween, Christmas, Summer, Easter, the...
  5. Fexiny

    New map on Lucky Island!!

    Do you all like the new Lucky Islands map?
  6. Fexiny

    PvP Kits

    Maybe a longer PvP Kit? Tank kit is the longest kit my opninion. I was thinking about a new kit what is longer with time? Maybe Full diamond armour with PROT3/4 And a sharp 1 Diamond sword? Maybe not a smart Suggestion but idk.
  7. Fexiny


    It was hard for me to find the beachballs it took me 2 days without a Youtube video ;) How about u guys?
  8. Fexiny

    Java Summer maps

    Maybe 2/more ''new'' summer maps?
  9. Fexiny

    My Introduction :)

    Hey, My name is Kenan. U probably don't know me known as Kenan. Maybe u know me with the name Threath. I live in Netherlands, I like to play games in my free time and of course Minecraft/Cubecraft ;). Im almost done with school 5th class of high school. I can speak Dutch and English for sure. I...
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