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  1. SlinkyGnu05604

    All Networks /friend favorite (username)

    So the VIP levels update came out on Bedrock and some of us might avoid adding too many people due to chats being spammed. The suggestion is for both Java and Bedrock as both networks can have a lot of friends based on your rank/VIP level The idea of the suggestion is to add the option to...
  2. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock I would like to see the KB adjusted to match KB Test V2

    Before you post your feedback about this topic, hear me out on what I have to say about it. I would like to see CubeCraft adjust the knockback to be the same as in Knockback Test V2. But before I get into why I believe they should do that, let me tell you the background information about...
  3. SlinkyGnu05604

    All Networks Settings: Online Status for friends list

    I would like to see a setting added to CubeCraft to change your status By default, a player is online when they join the server and their friend(s) will get the notification that they got on. By adding this, a player can make themselves appear offline especially if they have too many friends, on...
  4. SlinkyGnu05604

    Video My YouTube Channel Trailer!

  5. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock New Game: Guess the Build

    I would like to see a brand new game be added to the Bedrock server. The game is called Guess the Build! The title of the game is self explanatory, you must guess what people built within the time limit. How it works: - There are two teams of players: The Guessers and the builder. - Guessers...
  6. SlinkyGnu05604

    All Networks SkyWars: 4th voteable game mode

    I would like to see a brand new voteable game mode for SkyWars which is the mid ground between Normal and Overpowered. Basically similar loot as Overpowered Survival Games (all armor with at least prot 1 with the max level being 2, and weapons between sharp 1-3). I can't think of the name of the...
  7. SlinkyGnu05604

    What era of Minecraft do you enjoy and what are your favorite memories?

    The questions are in the title of the forum thread. My favorite era of Minecraft was the Golden Age (2014-17). While I don't have Java edition at that time, I enjoy this era because of the innovation of multiplayer on Minecraft. Minigames are starting to get popular at that time, and back then...
  8. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock Add a button to queue a random favorite map

    Title explains it all, I would like to see a button added to queue a random favorite map. That way, you'll be able to only queue for the maps that are on your favorite list. If there's no server for your favorite map, it'll put you in any map. What do you think?
  9. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock Changes I'd like to see to the knockback

    A few days ago, I started to notice that the knockback is different. It was so much better in my opinion but some people disagree. Today, the knockback got reverted which I disagree with. Before I talk about what I want to change in the knockback system, I'll list the advantages and...
  10. SlinkyGnu05604

    Denied More 8 player maps for Solo EggWars

    I would like to see 8 player maps for Solo EggWars get added in the map rotation. As of now, the only 8 player maps we get are seasonal maps Hatch (Spring) and Graveyard (Halloween). Why I would like to see more 8 player maps: - Faster games (speed runners might switch to 8 player maps) - Fills...
  11. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock More VIP Levels

    I believe there should be more VIP levels added to the server. We haven't got any new VIP level since the system came out a few years ago if I recall correctly. I'm suggesting this so we'll be able to get more friend slots, party slots (especially for Mega games to completely fill the team), and...
  12. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock Add the Teams of 2 version of the Love EggWars map for Valentine's mini event

    It'll be great to see the Java version of the map (Teams of 2) to be added alongside the Teams of 4 version of the map, do you agree? This is what the map looks like if anyone asks
  13. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock Christmas 2020: Replace fireplace and snowflake maps

    For the coming Christmas event, I would like to see Fireplace and Snowflake replaced with a brand new map for the corresponding games. The reason why I want Fireplace (EggWars Teams of 2) to be replaced is because of the holes in rails, its easy to fall off of them, most well known players...
  14. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock Achievements, Daily Challenges, and free cosmetics

    So I have thought about this for a while. Adding all three above will increase replayability and allow everyone including people without ranks to unlock cosmetics. Both achievements and daily challenges exist on Java, so why not add them to bedrock? Achievements: An achievement is an cool...
  15. SlinkyGnu05604

    Escalated BlockWars - Domination game mode

    I would like to see domination game mode to be added to BlockWars on Bedrock. What is Domination? Domination is a game mode on popular shooters where the objective is to own all the control points in the map. Control Point: A control point is a flag in the map and there are three of them, one...
  16. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock My opinions on the EggWars update

    Emeralds: I liked the concept of emeralds. Adds more strategy to the game but at the same time, can be annoying for most people including myself. Only useful late game. Auto builders: Why is there ladder towers and pop up towers? This can be very annoying, which is why I dislike them. Tipped...
  17. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock EggWars - Chest UI option for shops

    I’m suggesting this because I would like to see an option to change shop UI so you can buy gear faster Edit: Added examples here incase you may ask Edit 2: This benefits console and PC players since scrolling can be tedious
  18. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock Add ding sound when you shoot a player with a bow

    Title says it all. It would be better if there’s a ding noise when you shoot a bow and it hits a player, very useful if you landed a shot very far from you
  19. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock Change to the spamming rule

    The change I would like to see for this rule is to allow the spamming of symbols in a particular order for bedrock only to allow people to fix their shadow mute in this server without being punished for spamming. People who watched my video on how to fix the shadow mute will understand what I’m...
  20. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock VIP Level 5 Reward: Blue kill messages

    In my opinion, there should be a unique reward for reaching VIP level 5 that is not a buddy or a win effect. It’s the special blue kill messages from Java CubeCraft. It would be really cool if they added it to bedrock. Do you agree?
  21. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock Add EggWars Teams of 2 16 players edition

    In my opinion, I believe that EggWars Teams of 2 would be so much better if the game has a 16 players duos mode. It’ll be much more fun and fair in my opinion. Since with 12 players, two of the sides can get to middle easily while the other two sides fight each other. With 16 players, all sides...
  22. SlinkyGnu05604

    Video How to fix your shadow mute on Minecraft Bedrock (with proof)

    I done it on another server since its easier to tell if you're shadow muted there (no advertisement intended) but it fixes the shadow mute in all featured servers including CubeCraft. If it helps you out, spread it
  23. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock More loot types

    Only Bedrock players who played since Summer event of 2018 will remember that the loot menu used to have more options and look like this (pictures below), there are a few cosmetic types missing: hats, gadgets, wardrobe, arrow trails (already suggested it), and shield designs (not officially on...
  24. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock SkyWars: Add voting option to remove gravestones

    Title says it all, I would like to see a voting option to remove the gravestones when killing players. It’s so much better in my opinion, it’s so satisfying to kill a player and all their loot drop, that will be even more satisfying when 1.15 comes out. I dislike the idea of gravestones...
  25. SlinkyGnu05604

    The story of how I came to CubeCraft

    Hey guys, it’s Slinky. I’m a CubeCrafter who played for two years. I’m going to be telling you guys on how I found CubeCraft. First I’ll be talking about how I got into Minecraft. Back in 2012, shortly before the end of the school year, a friend told me about Minecraft on Xbox 360. I later...
  26. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock New cosmetic type - Arrow trails

    Title speaks for itself. It’ll be cool to see arrow trails come to the bedrock server. Two of the featured servers are able to add it, so why not CubeCraft?
  27. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock Where are the frequent map updates?

    If you look at https://www.cubecraft.net/bedrock/ There’s a section about frequent map updates. The real question is where are they? We only got three map updates in a span of two years. Bedrock is missing out on many of the Java maps and when map updates come, it usually gets the same new maps...
  28. SlinkyGnu05604

    Bedrock Add ways to earn free cosmetics

    Cosmetics in CubeCraft are cool but not everyone can get those things on bedrock edition. The idea is to implement a way to allow everyone to grind for a cosmetic in some form like for example adding a quest system with a currency as a reward. Using this currency, you can use it to buy cosmetics...
  29. SlinkyGnu05604

    All Networks New seasonal maps for this year

    Title explains itself. I would like to see brand new seasonal maps especially for summer, valentines, and maybe even birthday events since they have the least amount of maps. I believe it has been few years since a last new map got added to an event (correct me if I’m wrong since I’m not an og...
  30. SlinkyGnu05604

    Implemented Christmas event: Add more maps this year

    So bedrock players, if you guys remember last Christmas, we only got the present hunt, the hub, Christmas bundle, Snowman Survival and 3 maps and that’s it. The maps that were added are: Snowflake (Solo SkyWars), Grotto (Minerware), and Dinner (Team SkyWars). The EggWars community was let down...
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