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  1. RaisinForABrain

    Bedrock Party separation

    It won’t work like that in practice though and they are already working on private planes. Also 1v1 game modes are coming out really soon
  2. RaisinForABrain

    Bedrock Party separation

    Optimisation issues mentioned in my other response to someone asking the same thing
  3. RaisinForABrain

    Bedrock Party separation

    It’s terribly laggy and the lobby isn’t optimised for FPS at all. Getting stuck in your own blocks because you placed them to fast while bridging isn’t as rare as it should be and it doesn’t make the experience as enjoyable
  4. RaisinForABrain

    Bedrock Party separation

    Java is made terribly
  5. RaisinForABrain

    Bedrock Party separation

    So, you wanna crossteam basically?
  6. RaisinForABrain

    Bedrock Allow Double Clicking if all players agree

    So I was banned recently for footage in my montage (Which was well over 2 weeks old anyway so it isn't valid evidence) where I was double clicking in duels against friends in a 1v1 duels game. I have a Bloody A70 and debounce time does nothing to affect the rate of double clicks being registered...
  7. RaisinForABrain

    Add eggwars favorite slot

    There isn't? You can make a whole page lol
  8. RaisinForABrain

    All Networks The debounce modification / double clicking rule

    This is not true in the slightest lol. Before I got my Bloody A70, I had no experience with a mouse that can double click in game (I could slam my finger and get a double on other mice but not white butterflying). I got my A70 straight out the box, before even downloading the software or...
  9. RaisinForABrain

    Bedrock Custom Gametag Colours in Duels

    Neither did the cages in duels. You don't use your username colour anywhere other than the lobby, and I feel like duels and FFA is a perfect area to allow custom name colours
  10. RaisinForABrain

    Bedrock Custom Gametag Colours in Duels

    I completely disagree. If you associate a rank with having more skill, then that's a problem on you. A colour of your gametag doesn't effect pvp in anyway lol, so I don't see how it would give an advantage. If you don't know how to pvp, you would want to fight better players.
  11. RaisinForABrain

    Bedrock Custom Gametag Colours in Duels

    Yellow gametags look a bit bland, and it would look nice if you could change things up by using your lobby username colour setting to also change the colour of your gametag in duels. It will make duels look a bit nicer and it shouldn't be too hard to implement at all. People without a rank get...
  12. RaisinForABrain

    Bedrock Old/New UI Toggle Option

    The Issue Cubecraft have relatively recently added a new UI, which a lot of people don't like. Not only does it make the UI stuck to a certain colour theme that doesn't match well with external texture packs, but it does not support transparent back grounds for the UI (In the eggwars shop or...
  13. RaisinForABrain

    Bedrock I met the number 1 leaderboards player on solo eggwars

    He isn't good at all and is apparently really toxic lol He always dodges fights with known players
  14. RaisinForABrain

    Implemented Bedrock People standing in FFA Kits

    They should add this but make it so players become invisible in a 1 block radius
  15. RaisinForABrain

    Bedrock pc players in egg wars ?

    Doesn't do anything anymore
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