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  1. Moos_

    Where are the Cubelets?

    5 minutes ago, I completed the Summer Quest and got rewarded for it, one of the rewards was a Cubelet. Where can I open the Cubelet? I'm currently playing on Bedrock and I just can't find the place to redeem it. Could someone please help me?
  2. Moos_

    SkyWars Wings of an angel (Elytra)

    Maybe some of you had the same bug as me, the Elytra sometimes uses itself without clicking the jump-bar etc. Like I built myself up and try to fly and it sometimes just not even start to glide, so I just fall down to my death. Please fix this CubeCraft!
  3. Moos_

    The End

    When does The End come out?
  4. Moos_

    Lucky Islands Big glitch

    I opened a lucky block and got a full protection IV diamond armor and a sharpness V diamond sword, I don't have a clue how this could every happen
  5. Moos_


    Have a great morning, evening or night. Keep going, you're the best.👌
  6. Moos_

    Parkour idea

    If you beat the parkour in a costum time limit, you get a special rank or cosmetic.
  7. Moos_

    PvP idea

    A white flag for giving up.
  8. Moos_

    Skyblock idea

    A daily or weekly login streak, that stacks till 100%.
  9. Moos_

    All Networks Lobby idea

    Get cosmetics for a level milestone. Example: If you reach level 15, you can equip (white, blue, yellow..) sparkles that will be around your character.
  10. Moos_

    All Networks Suggestion: Skywars

    The last 2 or 3 teams who are still alive, get a player-tracker so they can't camp or ruin the game in any other way.
  11. Moos_

    No Egg in Eggwars (BUG)

    Since yesterday, every Eggwars game I play there aren't any eggs, I don't have one, neither do the enemys. Please fix this
  12. Moos_

    Exp farm ideas?

    As the title says, does anyone have ideas for a exp farm? (I'm at the desert island)
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