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  1. 30q5

    Java Bring back pumpkin hunt

    Hi! I saw that the lobby event "pumpkin hunt" was gone this year. It is not that fun tbh with you. Because this event was like a tradition here on CubeCraft that halloween, christmas etc had head huntings that you could earn rewards for. Would you be able to bring this back this halloween? I...
  2. 30q5

    Bring back pumpkin hunt

    Hi! When halloween finally arrived to CubeCraft i wanted to do the pumpkin hunt again. But when i checked around the lobby to find a pumpkin head, there was no heads at all. And thats why i think they've removed it. And to be honest i do want back pumpkin hunt as it feels like the cubecraft...
  3. 30q5

    All Networks Be able to gift cubelets

    I would really like it if Cubecraft added a gift cubelet option to the cubelet machine that allows players to gift their current cubelets to other players. I've made some prototype menus to let you guys see examples of this option.
  4. 30q5

    All Networks Two daily map selections

    Hi! I have a suggestion that default players can get a 2 daily map selection option, so for an example: They are able to select 2 maps for two games of Skywars or eggwars each day and when they've used this function two times, it will send a message telling the player that they have run out of...
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