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  1. ProfParzival

    Resolved Games keep crashing - Serious server stability issues past few days

    For the past few days most game modes across bedrock have been unexpectedly crashing and this has been widespread across lots of users and most game modes that I've played (Egg Solos, Mega, Squads, Bridges, FFA, SG) I'd kinda assumed that this had been reported by others and staff was fully...
  2. ProfParzival

    Video Eggwars Eggwars Duos Leaderboard 2020 to 2022.. like you've never seen it before | Bedrock

    Cubecraft Duos leaderboard 2020 to 2022.. like you've never seen it before:
  3. ProfParzival

    Magic Map?

    I may have missed it but what happened to the Bedrock Egg Squads Magic Map? It was one of my favorites for a few reasons... island distance which was more than normal.. an amazing height limit for a squad's map and just different from all other maps which adds variety. Seems such a shame that...
  4. ProfParzival

    Leaderboards data?

    Hi, @DarkStray reminded me that the Cubecraft leaderboards used to be online at .... https://www.cubecraft.net/leaderboards Did anyone get any screenshots of those from time to time? or does Cubecraft have a backup of the data they;d be willing to share? It doesn't seem like the data made it...
  5. ProfParzival

    Video Controller All-Stars - I need your help...

    Please check this video out.. I'm hoping to get into the Controller All-Stars tournament and need your help - TY :-)
  6. ProfParzival

    Video The Eggwars Solos Leaderboard... like you've never seen it before

    The Eggwars Solos leaderboard like you've never seen it before... A big shout out to @xcanadiaa for recording the leaderboards every month since October 2020 which is where I got the data from. When I get a chance I'll also do the same for Duos, Squads and Mega :-)
  7. ProfParzival

    Video A fun stream snipe in Eggwars Mega - Sniping StormMC

    Hey All, It's been a while since I posted a video... but I spend quite a while editing this one. I hope ya'll enjoy watching it :-) TY :-)
  8. ProfParzival

    Video 3v1 Clutch in Eggwars Squads? With Controller Overlay | Bedrock

    Hi All, Been a while since I made a video... in this one I struggle to stay alive in a sweaty squads game... :-)
  9. ProfParzival

    Video Editing Competition | Sponsored by Cubecraft | Win a Free Rank

    Hi All, I'm running an editing on YT sponsored by the awesome Cubecraft.... see this for details: You've got a chance to win a free rank of your choice if you place in the top two :-) and some awesome Cubetubers will be helping me to shortlist and judge the entries :-)
  10. ProfParzival

    Video New Cubecraft Montage "Royalty" [premiere now]

    My new montage is about to Premiere :-)
  11. ProfParzival

    Video Blockwars Scrim (CTF) Hot Seals vs Grass A | Bedrock

    This is a practice scrim with Hot Seals vs Grass A clan -
  12. ProfParzival

    Video 1v29 clutch win on Eggwars Mega? Edited by NXRN | Bedrock

    The awesome Nxrn edited a video for me :-) I love eggwars mega for the potential clutch games. Please let me know what you think and please sub to Nxrn too - link in the video description - thx
  13. ProfParzival

    Bedrock Extend Challenge Queue to also work on Duels

    As I understand it Challenge Queue applies only to Eggwars and Skywars. (Please correct me if I'm wrong). Could you please extend it to work on other game modes such as Duels (and SG if that's appropriate)
  14. ProfParzival

    Video Blockwars CTF Scrim: HOt Seals A vs Spiral A | Bedrock

    Tom livestreamed the game but here is my PoV.... This was Toms live stream....
  15. ProfParzival

    Bedrock Please don't drop support for 1.16.100 (yet)

    I previously posted a thread asking that support for 1.16.100 was not dropped and whilst I didn't get any responses from devs or staff I understand that they have many reasons for not replying and that's cool. Time is moving on and whilst most players are now on newer versions of MC...
  16. ProfParzival

    Video 2k Duels Wins on BAttle Arena Bedrock

    Another fairly short video.... hope ya'll like it :-)
  17. ProfParzival

    Video "HardWired" - Cubecraft Montage

    Hey all, Inspired by the awesome montages everyone has been creating recently (especially Yelsan, Chief Aaron and Lights) i put a heck of a lot of effort into this one and hope ya'll like it...
  18. ProfParzival

    Bedrock I'm the self proclaimed biggest eggwars (Bedrock) no-lifer... any challengers?

    Unless someone can beat my incredibly sad stats I'm going to retain the self-proclaimed title of "Biggest Eggwars NoLifer" with... 82days 17hours 59minutes 53seconds Across all four eggwars game modes Evidence:
  19. ProfParzival

    Video Getting 2.6k wins in Eggwars Solos on bedrock

    Calm music ftw
  20. ProfParzival

    Video My new montage

    Premiere in about15 mins...
  21. ProfParzival

    Video Explosive Bows in Cubecraft Battle Arena Duels - NEW

    Hey all... I realize it's been two weeks since I made a video!! I've got a few in the works but in the meantime a fairly short one. Hope ya'll like it, please let me know either way...
  22. ProfParzival

    Video My thoughts on Battle Arena

    Hey all, I created another video (with voice commentary for once) Hope u like it. Please let me know either way.
  23. ProfParzival

    Video Premiere [NOW] - Cubecraft Bedrock Montage

    Hey all, My new montage inspired by Yelsan 1 is going to premiere shortly (around 10 mins)... Hope ya'll enjoy it. I learnt a lot putting it together.
  24. ProfParzival

    Video Most OP Weapons in Eggwars? [With Controller Overlay] | Cubecraft Bedrock

    Hey all, I made another video... Most OP Weapons in Eggwars? [With Controller Overlay] | Cubecraft Bedrock Hope ya'll like it and don't get too annoyed by the corny jokes :P
  25. ProfParzival

    Video Got 7th in Eggwars Solos [Bedrock]

    Hi all, To celebrate getting 7th, then losing it, then getting it back I made another video :-) Hope ya'll like it..
  26. ProfParzival

    Video Destroying a fly hacker in eggwars | Bedrock

    I encountered a fly hacker in egg solos... and dealt with them accordingly :P
  27. ProfParzival

    Video Fly Bridging in Eggwars (thanks to VanHouten and DashingPrune)

    Hi All, Inspired by VanHouten and DashingPrune I had fun with 'Fly Bridging' in Eggwars Squads...
  28. ProfParzival

    Video Eggwars Duos with the #1 leaderboard player WaspBrain | Bedrock

    Got a chance to do a couple of Duos games with the awesome WaspBrain :-) Please let me know what you think :-)
  29. ProfParzival

    Blocks disappear or don't place a lot more in the last couple of weeks

    Hi, This relates to Bedrock across all game modes I've not seen any mention of it, but I've experienced a lot more blocks not placing / disappearing just after you place them than usual in the last week or so.... most of the livestreams I watch I also see players complaining about this. Is...
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