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  1. y0wal

    Bedrock Add the "VIP Levels menu in the player "Profile" menu!

    now we just gotta wait for favorite system to be implemented 😎
  2. y0wal

    👑 VIP Levels Update - 25 New Levels, Profile Images, 100 New Loot Items! ✨

    im glad this is out but is there any information on how soon the favorite system will be implemented since there are so many items (just asking)
  3. y0wal

    ☀️⛱️ It's Summer at CubeCraft!

    I'm actully glad they brought back the Sandcastle map it was one of my all time favorite maps but im guessing you're gonna be removing it when summer event ends??
  4. y0wal

    ☀️ Summer Event 2022 - Maps, Hub, Hunt, Bundles & More!

    its not a bad bundle i just think the ice-cream hunt was to much for a title but then again its a free title so im not to mad
  5. y0wal

    SkyWars middle glitch?

    its fun but annoying it was fun the first time but got annoying after while having to fight my friends
  6. y0wal

    ⚔️ Battle Arena Update

    the new maps look great an color full cant wait to try it out soon
  7. y0wal

    🍀 Lucky Islands Duels + 5 Weeks of Summer Part 1!

    thats fair considering how quick matches can over
  8. y0wal

    🍀 Lucky Islands Duels + 5 Weeks of Summer Part 1!

    new maps look good who made them?? i wanna learn there thinking method of making maps
  9. y0wal

    SkyWars middle glitch?

    hopefully its op
  10. y0wal

    SkyWars middle glitch?

    yea 2/3 of people in my party spawned in middle we sadly had to kill that 1/3 person lol but this glitch dose need to be fixed
  11. y0wal

    SkyWars middle glitch?

    ive spawn in middle and was able to loot middle and still kill people i also seen another team do same thing please look into this
  12. y0wal

    Bedrock favorite system

    no clue if this was discussed but I would like to have the option to favorite cosmetics like trails cages win effects etc. so i can randomize my favorites
  13. y0wal

    Bedrock optional auto region

    here's why i think optional auto region would be a great future... so when its kinda late at night you get switched to a different region for faster que time, but i think that there should be a option to have that on or no because i rather wait than have over 400 ping...its hard playing on such...
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