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  1. ACEWheelTheNoob

    Bedrock If your friends are online in a lobby, show the lobby they are in

    But this thing is already implemented Just use /fl in Minecraft chat. It will show which all friends are on and which lobby they are in. Although it's slight broken at the moment because it won't show the played game map correctly.
  2. ACEWheelTheNoob

    All Networks Endgame content for Skyblock (Daily/Weekly Quests)

    Great suggestion although if this get implemented they should Nerf the xp reward though because 1500 for weekly hard is too much. :agree:
  3. ACEWheelTheNoob

    All Networks Crystal PVP maps

    In that case you just have to hit him once and blow the crystal That's why I said it's skill based :)
  4. ACEWheelTheNoob

    Java Bedrock Username colour port

    I don't play java but yes it should be added :)
  5. ACEWheelTheNoob

    Bedrock Kill effects in Battle Arena Rank

    The kill effects should also be added in battle arena rank. But Survival games rank is only bought because it has kill effects. So instead it should be added to battle arena rank but in a buffed way(like without sound effects) And should add more (with sound effects) in Survival games rank.
  6. ACEWheelTheNoob

    Bedrock Suggestion for friends list

    Yes, I personally think that it would be added. Also with the new vip level it's possible to to add upto 300 friends and it would be good if we could see if the player is active or not active and if he isn't active we could remove them :)
  7. ACEWheelTheNoob

    Bedrock Battle arena

    It's already there in battle arena FFA. But i think it will be cool if added in duels too.
  8. ACEWheelTheNoob

    All Networks Crystal PVP maps

    I disagree with it because crystal PvP is not something of just standing and spamming clicks, but instead it should depend on skills and timings You should blow the crystal when the player jumps and this is why Timing matters because crystal do the most damage when the player is at the same...
  9. ACEWheelTheNoob

    All Networks Yes or No before kick someone from party

    Yes, I want that to be added cause I'm a mobile player and the same happens to me. I mostly kick the player when I want to promote him/her as owner. Would be nice if implemented :)
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