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    📘 Rules Update

    Nice, They've Changed the Rules! Now that the rules are more improved the Server is going to be Better.
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    Bedrock Spectator mode Issue

    oh sorry, didn't notice since I'm New here
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    Goldy's introduction!

    Wow, Nice Introduction Goldy, Welcome to The Fourms!
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    Bedrock Spectator mode Issue

    Spectator Mode Issue : so uh can you fix spectator mode? more Specifically the bug where Rendering Players and Entities would fail and resulting in a disappearance of the Player or Entity
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    Java All Networks A possible disturbing build

    Nice eye, I can't seem to see the hoppers ;-; Tho at least I think it is a texture issue. ( my opinion )
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    All Networks Bring back underground parkour

    I Agree. It is quite fun and cool to say at least, but it's kinda old so I wouldn't think that they'll add it.
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    Bedrock Revert spectator mode

    Spectator mode has been improved but still I think there's a bug when sometimes you can't go down for some reason unless you spam the ^ button ( bad explaining I know ) ( am I the only one experiencing this bug? )
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    Behind The Cube #7 - Helper Trial, Recruitment and more!

    Wow, Thanks for the little Sneak Peak into the Applications.
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    Hello, I'm New Here

    Thanks For the Support, This is Such a Nice Community.. I Hope that Everyone gets to have a Great time in The Fourms!
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    Hello, I'm New Here

    so I'm New here ( in the fourms ) idk what to do here Since I've heard "Players" saying that it's Good so I've Dicieded to Try it.
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    | How do you play Minecraft? |

    I Like Playing Survival, it's kinda Fun to be Honest ( in my opinion )
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    Me when wild update

    yes the 1.19 update is going to be awesome.
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    I'm new

    Welcome to The Fourms v1p3r, I Hope that you'll have a Great Time.
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    Cathie's re-introduction

    Hello, Nice introduction Cathie ^-^
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