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  1. Videoguy

    What are you doing for Halloween?

    Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well. What is everyone doing for Halloween? (If you celebrate), I will probably be helping my parents give out candy to people who come by my house. I would LOVE to go to a Halloween Party sometime! Hope everyone has a fun & safe Halloween! -Jimmy
  2. Videoguy

    Custom Skin or Skin packs?

    Hi everyone! Do you prefer to use your own custom skin (maybe one you also use on Java) or do you use one of the skins from the skin packs you can choose from in game? I definitely prefer to use my own skin, since I’m not totally “in love” with too many of the skins from the skin packs. Have...
  3. Videoguy

    Hey Everyone! Videoguy's Intro~

    Hey everyone! I will try not to give you all a huge essay to read, but I always get carried away with these! I'm new to the CubeCraft forums but I have used forums for other networks before so this should be no problem. I'm Jimmy (My IGN is Videoguy), I'm from the U.S. and have been playing...
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