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  1. SoggyTaco-_-

    This Bug Deletes Certain Blocks on my Island

    Go to the skyblock hub and come back. The creeper will still be there though
  2. SoggyTaco-_-

    The Infinite XP Glitch (24,000+ Levels)

    It’s just a visual glitch (sadly)
  3. SoggyTaco-_-

    Waiting times for crops

    There’s literally so many other threads talking abt the same exact thing
  4. SoggyTaco-_-

    all people be like

  5. SoggyTaco-_-

    A BIG FAT suggestion/rant about Cubecraft Skyblock

    If u don’t like it don’t play. Simple.
  6. SoggyTaco-_-

    Shorten times of saplings,ores and plants

    No. And that’s final
  7. SoggyTaco-_-

    Uhhhh new enchantment for skyblock for the sword

    Uhhh yeah. That sounds uhhh cool
  8. SoggyTaco-_-

    Skyblock Nether (Bedrock)

    Gotta grind
  9. SoggyTaco-_-

    Wither in bedrock

    But the starting exploration doesn’t destroy obsidian
  10. SoggyTaco-_-

    Wither in bedrock

    Bedrock doesn’t break obsidian
  11. SoggyTaco-_-

    Top 10 richest skyblock profiles

    I just bought a ton of creeper spawners. How did you build your farm? I have a stack of spawners in storage because I can’t figure out a efficient farm
  12. SoggyTaco-_-

    Sweeping edge

    Also I don’t remember wither skeletons looking like this
  13. SoggyTaco-_-

    Sweeping edge

    I haven’t played sky lock in a while but I remember there being a feature similar to sweeping edge on bedrock. It seems to be gone now. Was it an experiement? Or a bug? Any plans to bring it back?
  14. SoggyTaco-_-

    Birch logs take way to long

    10 hours isn’t very long. Just plant the trees overnight and wake up and they’re done
  15. SoggyTaco-_-

    Hiddenquest 4th netherisland

    No Way!! That’s a thing? I kinda stopped playing for a bit but now I’m starting to get into it again. What quest do you unlock it after? I’m on the 50k glowstone dust quest
  16. SoggyTaco-_-

    Changes to the shop and farming money

    They are
  17. SoggyTaco-_-

    Gold Generators Broken

    Ummm.. this is skyblock he’s talking about
  18. SoggyTaco-_-

    Top 10 richest skyblock profiles

    Meh. Idrc. Just saying good
  19. SoggyTaco-_-

    Top 10 richest skyblock profiles

    Bruh stored stuff doesn’t count🧐
  20. SoggyTaco-_-

    Top 10 richest skyblock profiles

    Total: 16,897,647,817 (Solo Bedrock)
  21. SoggyTaco-_-

    Spawn Command

    It really isn’t. When you die u lose 20%. Imagine this. You are falling out into the void. Then you just open up the menu and teleport to spawn. See. Too easy
  22. SoggyTaco-_-

    Spawn Command

    I think that would make skyblock too easy. There would have to be some sort of penalty for using it like lose 10% of your money
  23. SoggyTaco-_-

    Weird bug with Dark Oak Logs

    The same thing happens with acacia logs, except they don’t transform into dark oak. They flip when you put them sideways. I already reported it and was logged, but you should also
  24. SoggyTaco-_-

    Regenerating blocks?

    No I don’t think it’s lag. For me it seems to be a problem with efficiency enchantment. If u get the enchantment to where it’s instant mine, if doesn’t regenerate. Instamine ores on bedrock is diamond pick with efficiency 9(cuz beacons don’t work). Don’t know about axes though. Also I’m pretty...
  25. SoggyTaco-_-

    There is no way to craft paintings

    Are you on Java? It doesn’t work for me I’m on bedrock
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